68% of Individuals assist Biden's $ 1.9 plan, however Susan Collins says zero% of Republican senators would vote for it

The coronavirus pandemic has not only killed over 500,000 Americans, it has devastated millions more financially. Because of this, one of Joe Biden's first hopes is to bring money to these struggling people.

And the plan that Biden put forward is very popular. Polls show that 68% of respondents are behind the plan proposed by Biden and his team.

However, according to Susan Collins, 0% of Republican Senators will support the package. The Maine Senator raised her concerns Tuesday afternoon.

"The government has shown no willingness to go down from its $ 1.9 trillion, and that's a major obstacle," she said. "We have expressed a willingness to move up from our $ 618 billion, but unfortunately the White House appears to be tied to a number given the hundreds of billions of dollars left in the pipeline from the December bill , really cannot be justified. "

Collins continued: "We are currently reviewing whether we can make changes. But I would be surprised if the Republican caucus found support when the bill comes out at $ 1.9 trillion, even if we are able to make some beneficial changes. "

According to Susan Collins, talks with the White House have stalled because they are unwilling to cut the 1.9-ton cost of Covid aid.

Well, we don't need their permission to help the Americans survive. 🖕🖕

– Ricky Davila (@TheRickyDavila) February 23, 2021

The Maine Senator concluded on her comments: "The first package they made the $ 160 billion statement that we all believe is the right number for COVID vaccines, distributing manufacturers for additional." Tests etc is. But it was $ 50 billion in it. that just said unknown. I mean that is not acceptable. We will not give a blank check for "not identified". I mean that is extraordinary. "

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