A great signal for Biden as Pennsylvania's largest Suburban County might get a 90% turnout

A great sign for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. The state's largest suburb, Montgomery, could see a 90% turnout.

According to the Montgomery County Democratic Party, voter turnout records are falling:

In PA Montgomery County, the state's largest suburb, turnout could reach nearly 90 percent of registered voters, up from around 77 percent in 2016, said Joe Foster, chairman of County Dem

– Jarrett Renshaw (@JarrettRenshaw) November 3, 2020

Hillary Clinton won Montgomery by 58% to 37% in 2016, so there's a chance Joe Biden's 2020 margin over Trump will be even higher.

There's also an unexpectedly high turnout in Bucks County, which was between 48% and 47% for Hillary Clinton in 2016:

Record turnout in the suburbs of Philly. Bucks County wants more paid workers for higher than expected volume. “We expected a lower volume due to early votes, but we're seeing insane volumes. There is no doubt we will have a record turnout ”- John Cordisco, Chairman of Bucks Dem

– Jarrett Renshaw (@JarrettRenshaw) November 3, 2020

The Republican Party in red Washington County also reports record turnouts:

Across the state, Mark Hrutaky, GOP chairman of Washington County, a Trump county, says some counties broke voter turnout records at 11 a.m. “We already have no more literature. There's a lot of buzz, ”he said.

– Jarrett Renshaw (@JarrettRenshaw) November 3, 2020

The problem for Trump is that his counties are smaller and more rural, even when he hits record turnouts. It's a numbers game. Montgomery Counties and Bucks Counties are larger than Washington Counties, which means Biden will receive net votes in Pennsylvania.
The Trump campaign is concerned that the Pennsylvania Republican Party did not have enough voters to win the state, but the campaign's theory of winning PA relied on it having a large voting lead on election day.

If that lead does not materialize, Biden Pennsylvania will easily win as the Democrats have a million-dollar electoral advantage that could be too much for Trump to overcome.

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