"Alice, you ignorant": Lawyer is bringing Georgia electoral officers to courtroom to finish early voting

Georgia residents immediately took her to the test to fill her position, which was discovered by the Daily Post. "Alice O'Lenick And this is exactly why you shouldn't be in public office," wrote attorney Rich Harris. Cyndia Donald Halsey, a former Sergeant Major in the US Army, asked, "Alice O'Lenick Can you give reasons why you think the early voting should end? What would your desired outcomes be? Have you considered the unintended consequences and how would the county or state offset them?" Your questions went unanswered.

Atlanta attorney Terry Jackson wrote simply, "Alice O'Lenick, as Dan (Aykroyd) said, Alice, you ignorant …" The Georgia Republican's commitment to electoral repression has worked. She ignored calls to resign last month after telling the Daily Post she was "like a dog with a bone" when it came to changing the state's electoral laws. "I'm not going to let you end this session without changing some of these laws, ”she said. "They don't have to change all of them, but they have to change the main parts of them so that we at least have a chance to win. "

Fair Fight, a voter registration organization founded by Stacey Abrams, a former gubernatorial candidate, joined 16 other electoral and civil rights organizations in calling for O & # 39; Lenick to resign. "O'Lenick doesn't even try to hide her prejudice against Democratic voters and color voters in Gwinnett County. She has made it clear that her only motivation is sheer partisanship and openly engages in rhetoric that is more suited to a political party hack than an election official, ”tweeted Fair Fight on January 19th.


Threatening lawmakers by asking that they follow their anti-voting agenda while repeating what conspiracy theorists have made about voting by mail is inappropriate for their position. She has to resign. #AliceMustGo

– Fair Fight (@fairfightaction) January 19, 2021

The sad reality is that O & # 39; Lenick is not alone in Georgia. Republican senators in the state passed bills on Monday to ditch ballot papers, automatic voter registration and no apology for postal voting, as per the Atlanta Journal's constitution. "We need to restore confidence in the ballot box. When people lose confidence in the ballot box, they ultimately lose confidence in their government," Senate President Pro Tem Butch Miller, who co-sponsored the bills, told the newspaper. "Our goal is it is to ensure that every vote is correct and legal. "

Democrats don't exactly believe they are accepting the truth. "It's the suppression of voters," Gloria Butler, chairwoman of the Senate minority, told the AJC. "If you restrict access, people get discouraged and don't vote. They don't come back. We have to argue that this is a good process. People got to vote and they voted in record numbers."

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