Biden tries to guard the DACA, however this notorious Republican tries to throw a wrench into this plan

The government of President-Elect Joe Biden has already confirmed that it will take steps to protect young undocumented immigrants immediately after he is sworn in as the country's 46th president, its new chief of staff, Ronald Klain, telling NBC's Meet the Press last month "[W] We will protect the dreamers on the first day."

But if either of us thought this was going to happen without the Republicans still trying to toss a wrench in, we were wrong.

"Attorneys-general in Texas and several other states are calling on a federal judge in the border town of Brownsville to declare the DACA unlawful and clear the way for" orderly resolution "over the next two years," reports the Washington Post. That fight has been going on since mid-2018, led by the notoriously vile Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and overseen by Judge Andrew Hanen, also anti-immigrant.

This Texas judge, who blocked the Obama administration's measures to expand the DACA in 2015 and a separate policy to protect millions of undocumented parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents, declined to issue an injunction last fall, which halted enforcement of the program and concluded that the challengers waited too long to obtain orders, but the lawsuit persists, ”NBC News reported.

As America's voice noted last summer, Hanen said at the time that a decision against the program "Perhaps for many it is a great risk, makes no sense, and does not serve the best interests of this country. “That would be ideal if he left it at that, but this is Judge Andrew Hanen we're talking about. “Hanen did, however Note that the Texas case "probably takes precedence based on the argument that DACA is unlawful," America's voice continued.

So where is the promise of the new Biden government if Hanen actually decides against it? Here, experts in immigration policy say that the executive branch has a lot of leeway in protecting families. "Since Congress first passed a comprehensive immigration bill – the Immigration and Citizenship Act – in 1952, each of the eleven successive presidents, from President Dwight D. Eisenhower to President Barack Obama, has used broad executive powers to deal with unexpected situations, the foreigners affect at home and abroad, ”wrote Phil Wolgin of the Center for American Progress in 2014.

"The Biden administration needs to be wise on this as there is a sadly good chance that Judge Hanen will knock down the DACA on the same day the announcement is made, ”according to the American Immigration Council Aaron Reichlin-Melnick tweeted last month. "You should be ready to use alternatives like Parole in Place or Deferred Enforced Departure. "

We may also return to the legal battles that led to rulings that partially kept the DACA program in place following the resignation of the Trump administration in 2017, which also means ongoing uncertainty for young undocumented immigrants and their families . "As we have long said about the long-term future of dreamers, permanent Congressional legislation is needed to protect immigrant youth, "America's voice continued. "And it can be used quickly, not only in the face of the threat from the Trump administration, but also from Texas and the notorious Judge Hanen."

Can you bring in $ 3 each of Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff and help win back the Senate to protect undocumented teenagers?

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