CBP has been below Trump Admin for the previous few days and continues to defy congressional subpoenas

ProPublica reported that CBP had refused to provide tube results Congressional investigators, including those behind the gross items, or even the names of the few agents who were disciplined for their participation in this group where members mocked the death of a teenage boy in the care of the agency in 2019, along with many other heinous and disgusting acts. Of the nearly 140 employees who were ultimately examined, only a handful were laid off.

An internal document revealed The House Oversight Committee also revealed that the agency had actually negotiated an agreement to protect agents recommended for termination. "In one case, the sentence for an employee recommended to be fired was reduced to a seven-day ban," Maloney said said back then.

"CBP has withheld the identities of disciplined employees, the abuses they have committed, their roles and responsibilities, and other important information," she said in her letter to Morgan this week. "As a result, the committee cannot determine who has been fired, who has been suspended, who has reduced or eliminated their sentences and why and whether any of these employees continue to work with immigrant children or families."

"There is no legitimate basis for CBP's position that Congress may not know the identity of federal employees who are paid in taxpayers' money and commit abuses for which they are fired, suspended, or otherwise disciplined," she continued. She is absolutely right, and the fact is that federal immigration agencies like CBP and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) didn't feel accountable to anyone in the Trump era.

That has to change when the new administration takes office next week. In his immigration plan released during that campaign, President-elect Joe Biden said he will “Increasing resources for training and demanding transparency and independent monitoring of the activities of ICE and CBP. Under a Biden administration, there will be responsible, Senate-approved professionals running these agencies and they will respond directly to the President. "

But as aggressive as CBP has been, the Biden administration has to be just as aggressive – and then double that – when it comes to calling for accountability. Trump continues to upset the agency by visiting the border as his administration will end in a few days – and when his encouraged supporters raided the U.S. Capitol to discard the 2020 presidential election results.

“This final Trump calling card was meant to be a wake-up call to the end of President-elect Biden CBPThe role in detention and processing of asylum seekers is limited CBPUse force and create new mechanisms to ensure this CBP abuses will be investigated immediately, ”said American Civil Liberties Union D.irector of Border Strategies Jonathan Blazer said in a statement from Daily Kos. "We need a reckoning of the role and power of CBP now. "

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