Chris Cuomo's facility supervisor allegedly points a letter threatening the advantageous CNN anchor for repeatedly refusing to put on a masks

A manager at Chris Cuomo's apartment building allegedly posted a letter to the CNN anchor citing several complaints about not wearing a mask under the rules.

The letter cites that he violated an executive order issued by his own brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In this regulation with the number 202.17 it says: "Any person older than two years who can medically tolerate a face covering must cover his nose and mouth with a mask or a face covering made of fabric in a public place."

It goes on to say that this must be done when social distancing is not an option.

Tucker Carlson reveals a letter to CNN anchor @chriscuomo from the management of his New York apartment complaining about his refusal to wear a mask. pic.twitter.com/2y5KCqpAix

– Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) October 22, 2020

“They were observed entering and exiting the building and while taking the elevator without the required face covering,” writes the facility manager.

"Even though employees asked you to meet this requirement, you refused to do so."

"This is a violation of the Executive Order, the building policy and endangers other residents and our employees," the letter said.

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"There are no exceptions to this rule and you must adhere to them."

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What would his brother think of Chris Cuomo not wearing a mask?

The letter from Chris Cuomo's landlord continues to threaten him with a $ 500 fine if he continues to roam the apartment complex without a mask, according to Fox News personality Tucker Carlson.

New York Governor Cuomo has been demanding that his state's citizens wear a mask for some time, even implying that those who don't are unintelligent.

"It's not wise," Cuomo told reporters last spring. "My colleague (Secretary to the Governor) Melissa DeRosa said yesterday: & # 39; It was stupid. & # 39;"

Be smart. Masks work. In simple New York terms, don't be stupid.

– Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) May 25, 2020

Of course, like his younger brother, Governor Cuomo doesn't always practice what he preaches.

Found this picture of someone without a mask on the internet today. https://t.co/NlmjKCY9kC pic.twitter.com/mWubulugQB

– Janice Dean (@JaniceDean) August 31, 2020

Lord, wear your mask without a mask in Georgia. pic.twitter.com/MGPS0ucQNf

– Janice Dean (@JaniceDean) July 23, 2020

"If there is new data, we should work out a new law," said @NYGovCuomo. But what we have now is not a "law". It's an executive order, not the same. https://t.co/Og9glm1jCy

– Livingston County Conservative Party (@LivingstonCtyCP) October 6, 2020

Governor Cuomo also told New Yorkers that it is "selfish" not to wear a mask.

"I just don't get it," said Cuomo, "you have to be selfish not to wear a mask now, and you have to be disrespectful to other people, otherwise you wear the mask."

Andrew Cuomo is currently embroiled in a scandal in which he issued an order forcing nursing homes to admit patients who test positive for coronavirus.

The order banned facilities requiring incoming patients to "be tested for COVID-19 before admission or readmission," and may have contributed to well over 6,600 deaths in New York.

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Cuomo A mask hypocrite?

The CNN anchor itself has been very critical of people who do not wear masks.

"Look, now we have to go down the road and take desperate measures," he said while criticizing President Trump for not wearing a mask in May.

Earlier this month, he famously dressed up for his onlookers by criticizing the president for not wearing a mask on returning to the White House after his battle with coronavirus.

"What a bunch of cops ***," Cuomo said of Trump, who removed his mask.

CNN's @ChrisCuomo mocks Trump's return to the White House:

“There it is: majestically blown hair. “I hold rallies and tell you to ignore masks. And I'm ripping mine off while defeating the virus because I'm a leader! Do not be afraid, COVID. "What a load of shit!"


– Breaking911 (@ Breaking911) October 6, 2020

Speaking of cops ***.

His facility manager's letter might warrant a measure of skepticism if not the other public cases of Cuomo refusing to wear a mask or following his brother's instructions.

Earlier this month, Carlson reportedly posted photos of Cuomo smoking a cigar with friends at a Long Island restaurant with no mask in sight, right after the CNN anchor described Trump's return to the White House as "propaganda".

Tucker Carlson shared a photo of CNN's @ChrisCuomo standing in a Long Island restaurant this weekend with a cigar and no mask. Pic.twitter.com/6WgLwDzJeV

– Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) October 7, 2020

Caleb Hull, a communications strategist, blew Cuomo back then.

Chris Cuomo was diagnosed with COVID-19, broke quarantine, wore no mask, put others at risk, got into an argument with a cyclist who called him out, pretended nothing had ever happened, and threw a party as if his "quarantine" was over. https://t.co/YtCZMXm8gR

– Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) October 6, 2020

Hull is right.

Back in April, Cuomo was leveled by Carlson after being caught in a segment emerging from his basement quarantine.

It turned out that – as he himself admitted – he had been out in public a week earlier to violate social distancing requirements and he got into an argument with a "loser fat tire biker" for the one Police report had to be submitted.

Video (2/2): @TuckerCarlson heats up Fredo @ChrisCuomo for acting like a "Buff Cable News Lazarus" when he's filled with "Narcissism" instead. With the help of “shameless cheeseballs” on CNN, they sparked a scandal by demanding that we stay locked up while he roams #Tucker pic.twitter.com/GLgE9hHa2n

– Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) April 22, 2020

"All right," said Cuomo during his staged emergence into the world. "Here it is. The official re-entry. From the basement. Erased from CDC, a little sweaty, just worked. It happened. I've been dreaming about it. Literally for weeks."

By this point, Cuomo had already broken his quarantine while traveling with his family to a vacant lot in East Hampton.

He, his wife and Cuomo's son have all been diagnosed with COVID.

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