Dealing with white supremacist threats to the nation, Hawley blocks the swift affirmation of Biden's DHS candidate

"Democrats entering the Senate majority later this week will soon have the power to set the Senate's timetable, but any Senator can object to a speedy examination of a candidate that would allow Hawley to put the brakes on the overall process." "Reported Politico.

Previously elected presidents were usually sworn in with any number of previously confirmed candidates, but the report says Biden was sworn in on Wednesday with a grand total of zero on the books. Zero. This is shameful, but unfortunately not surprising, when nearly 150 fascist Republican Congressmen – including Hawley – voted to ditch the 2020 presidential election result because they did not like it.

Due to the Republicans' obstruction, the DHS under Biden is currently overseen by an acting secretary who was previously ratified by the Senate and who tweeted that he would stay in position. "until Mr. Mayorkas is confirmed ":


Another official announcement from the DHS's new acting secretary for the next few days – a length of time longer than expected because Josh Hawley decided to toss a wrench into the gears of confirmation.

– Aaron Reichlin-Melnick (@ReichlinMelnick) January 20, 2021

Mayorka's nomination was welcomed from a number of advocates of immigration rights, who said He would be the first department head "with extensive experience in immigration". CNN previously reported that "(u) nder Obama, Mayorkas … was an integral part of the implementation of DACA." A number of proponents, including Lorella Praeli, Co-President of Lorella Community Change, and Greisa Martínez Rosas, Executive Director of United We Dream noted that Mayorkas was critical to the successful and popular creation of the program.

Once confirmed, Mayorkas will oversee a DHS under an administration that is committed to putting in place an immigration overhaul on day one and signing a number of immigration enforcement orders.

Biden has also pledged a 100-day moratorium on deportation, which will deal a much-needed blow to the runaway immigration and customs authorities. However, some proponents believe that “it is possible that we may not see a moratorium on deportation today because the Biden team believes they need a Senate-approved head of DHS in office … and Senator Hawley yesterday's swift endorsement from Alejandro Mayorkas blocked in a seizure of pique, ”tweeted Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, Policy Counsel of the American Immigration Council.

Hawley won't single-handedly hold our progress back. Recall a few weeks ago when Republican US Senator Mike Lee of Utah single-handedly blocked the bill to establish an Smithsonian National Museum of American Latino in Washington, D.C.? We won it just a few days later when New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, a co-sponsor of legislation to establish the Latino Museum, worked successfully to include the measure in the expenditure account at the end of the year.

Josh Hawley won't stop us. But he's certainly shown us lately how despicable he'll try anyway.

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