Democratic donors toss $ 28 million money bomb on Texas Senate race to oust John Cornyn

The last minute ad flash in Texas is being led by a little-known super PAC called Future Forward, which is also triggering a major $ 100 million ad purchase nationally to elect Joe Biden as president. Future Forward is led by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz. Recode calls the entire money infusion one of the "most aggressive games" tech billionaires have made to date. For years you have researched the best ways to maximize the impact of money in politics. ""Moskovitz places his biggest public bet to date on the proofs that television advertising just before election day is the best way to do this, "writes Theodore Schleifer.

The Dallas Morning News confirms that some ads ran in Texas on Tuesday as part of the coordinated purchase between Future Forward, Senate Majority PAC. Strategic Victory Fund, Way to Win and Deal with the gap.

A Future Forward memo received from Recode states: “Based on extensive analysis by the Future Forward PAC and Senate Majority PAC, we believe Democrats have a plausible chance of winning the TX Senate seat with a large financial investment in the race switch to next week. "The memo added that a last-minute lightning bolt in the past two weeks" could "significantly increase the odds of winning, from 23% to 35-55%. "

Hegar's campaign said it had just started a "seven-figure" purchase for black voters in which Barack Obama denounced her as defender of the Affordable Care Act and someone "determined to make the reforms we need to fight systemic racism and build a more just and just America".

Time is of the essence here, especially given that one of Hegar's shortcomings is name recognition, according to a poll released by PPP last week. The poll, which found Cornyn just three points ahead of Hegar, found that 76% of voters had an opinion on Cornyn, while only 61% had an opinion on Hegar. The advantages of both candidates were several points above water: Cornyn 39% -37% and Hegar 32% -29%.

This month's poll gave Cornyn a 3 to 9 point advantage in the race. But the Democratic Party and these pro-Democratic donors clearly see something they like in the Texas race. It's likely a combination of polls, Hegar's room for growth, and Cornyn as a relatively weak incumbent. It's also worth noting that the House Democrats are targeting no fewer than 10 Republican seats in Texas and have put millions in the state as well.

Perhaps the Republican National Committee saw some of the same softness Democrats see when they transferred $ 1.3 million to the Lone Star state for GOTV efforts last month.

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