Devin Nunes goes on TV to inform Individuals that Republicans are being censored

The next best part of that push for Parler as the true right-wing Republican utopia of freedom of expression is this tremendous statement from Nunes: "Unlike the fake social media sites, we know everyone is on Parler because you get certified. It's a very secure platform indeed, and if you break the Parler Act, the FBI can subpoena to find out who these people are. "This is an interesting point that emerges from the second amendment, where the government is trying to microchip everyone and arrest you conservatively. It's almost like his whole ideology is bullshit, and most of the time he just emphasized, that the revenue he has drawn from his Parler successes has been cut.

Late last week, Twitter, Facebook and others shut down the accounts of right-wingers like Trump and cited violence in the Capitol on January 6 of this year. Parler was subsequently suppressed by Apple, Google, and other platforms that refused to host the app and platform. This move essentially affected Parler's ability to function as a social media platform. Is it against the first amendment to the constitution? Is this an attack on freedom of speech? That's a real question that needs to be answered.

The first thing that needs to be acknowledged here is that when Senator Elizabeth Warren called for the dismantling of the big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter, most of us felt that those companies had too much monopoly power. The need to strengthen our antitrust laws and break up monopolies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook is important for a number of reasons. However, it is clear from the Republican Party's positions on the matter that Nunes and Friends did not suddenly become Big Bill Haywood of the IWW.

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