Donald Trump's wild rumpus goes so nicely

On Tuesday night, Trump's people apparently thought a police line was a welcome mat. Given that the police, oddly enough, did not wear all of the military assault gear they had put on as the protests continued, this could have been an honest mistake. Sure …

Disappointed that the police failed to escort the crowd to BLM Square and assist with vandalism, the Trump crowd let the police know that they were disappointed with their racism.

On Wednesday morning, Fox News was split between downplaying expectations for the joint congressional session and the breathless presentation of the thousands of hundreds of thousands of supporters who came to Trump's rally early.

To warm up the MAGA crowd, the loudspeakers boomed an endless stream of "songs to make a coup of …".


This guy yells through a mobile PA system that he will return here armed on January 20th. "I've had enough. I'm ready to die for my country."

– Matt Cohen (@Matt_D_Cohen) January 6, 2021

This topic seems to be where it runs on Wednesday morning. Trump supporters seem more than ready to write this Congressional thing off. "Let the constitutional process go through" and if you don't want it, you want "come back with your guns!" Because that's how democracy apparently works now.

But of course not all wait until the inauguration to break out the heavy weapons.

By 10 a.m. the crowd has actually grown to respectable proportions … although the number of employees is the only respectable thing about this group.

As you prepare for Trump's final bout, keep Roger Stone's word (count) in mind.

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