Election Commentary Workforce: Regardless of Trump's claims, there is no such thing as a proof of election fraud

Michael Georg Link, a German lawmaker who heads an Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) observer mission in Europe, told German public broadcaster rbb that there is no evidence to support President Donald Trump's allegations of election fraud .

“We looked at that. We did not find any violations of the rules, ”Link told rbb, according to The Associated Press.

Link noted that although some mistakes were made, there were "no system-related interventions or manipulations of the postal voting slips".

Link also responded to Trump's demands that election officials stop counting votes.

"That is something that has to be described as breaking a taboo," said Link. “He has neither the right nor the ability to do this. The states are solely responsible for counting. "

Link's remarks are in line with findings from an April study by Stanford University's Democracy and Polarization Lab that found that contrary to popular belief in the GOP that voting by post, Democrats have an advantage over Republicans over Republicans -mail options do not benefit one party more than another.

“By comparing counties that adopt an e-mail voting program with counties within the same state that do not accept the program, we can compare the election results and turnout behavior of voters who have different e-mail access but who have the same candidates on the ballot for nationwide races, ”the researchers wrote.

President Trump earlier this morning called for election officials to stop counting as he fears his leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia will shrink as more members come from mostly metropolitan areas.

Alan is a New York based writer, editor, and news junkie.

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