Even when COVID-19 is setting new horrible information, Trump insists all the pieces is ok

Donald Trump took the tune by reiterating that America doesn't really have an epidemic, just suffers from over-testing and "more testing means more cases". This is despite the fact that the tests in many states are still miserably low. Even if the rate of positive tests remains incredibly high.

Eight countries are currently showing positive results of over 20%. Despite increasing the number of tests for two consecutive weeks, South Dakota still has a 46% positive rate. Together, both North and South Dakota are the most coronavirus-saturated area in the United States, with more than 5% of the total population testing positive. For those who cheer for this move towards herd immunity, it means they will only have to hold out until at least 65% of the population is infected, even though both are already reporting record levels of hospitalizations and deaths.

Trump also claimed that the US "does a lot better than Europe". Which is shockingly not true. Despite a renewed spike in several European countries, the US is still experiencing more cases and deaths. In response to the rising case load, Europe is reinstating social distancing rules and universal mask mandates, which the US is definitely not.

But you wouldn't know that from Don Jr., who stopped by Fox News to say the number of people dying from COVID-19 is due to one thing "nearly nothing."

Junior: "I kept hearing about new infections, but I thought," Wait, why aren't they talking about deaths? "Oh, oh, because the number is almost nothing."

Almost nothing is another way of saying, "1,000 Americans die a day."

Both Trump Sr. and Trump Jr. insisted therapeutics work. This comes a week after the largest study on remdesivir showed no net positive effect and months before monoclonal antibodies are made available to people who happen to be non-Republican politicians. But if you're a Republican politician then there's really good news as a Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley stated on CNN:

Reporter: Hospitals in Wisconsin are almost busy. Does that give you a break when you go there and hold a big rally?

Gridley: No it doesn't. The Vice President has the best doctors in the world around him.

These doctors will likely stay behind and attend to anyone at the rally who gets sick. Because if there's something the Trump campaign is known for, it takes good care of its fans.

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