Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stays in Mar-a-Lago whereas botching the state's vaccine rollout

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) appeared to be traveling to Mar-a-Lago on Friday evening to visit the disgraced ex-President Donald Trump.

According to Politico's Meredith McGraw, DeSantis was "spotted in Mar-a-Lago last night".

Spotted in Mar-a-Lago yesterday evening: FL Governor Ron DeSantis

– Meridith McGraw (@meridithmcgraw) February 20, 2021

DeSantis' trip to Trump's hiding place comes amid a botched vaccine rollout in his state. According to NBC News, Floridians are outraged because whiter, republican parts of the state have easier access to the vaccine.

One report reads: "(D) The governor is accused of using the Covid-19 vaccine to reward powerful political supporters and developers by setting up pop-up vaccination sites in planned communities that developed them and in which the GOP voters dominate. "

DeSantis' visit to Trump's Mar-a-Lago comes at a crucial time in Florida's vaccination effort. Instead of wasting his time kissing Trump's ring, the governor should focus on getting shots into the arms of his residents.

Biden steps in to clean up the chaos in Florida

The good news for Florida residents is that President Joe Biden and the federal government are stepping in to clean up the chaos on Ron DeSantis and make the vaccine available to more people.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, "Federal officials will be opening a mass vaccination site for COVID-19 on the Tampa Greyhound Track, one of four such locations in Florida where more valuable shots will be shot in the arms faster."

This came after DeSantis Biden's plan to set up vaccination sites in Florida blew up and labeled them "FEMA camps". After botching his own rollout, the GOP governor now seems anxious to get the new president to step in.

All of this is part of Joe Biden's greater effort to deliver 100 million doses of the vaccine in his 100 days in office, which he will likely achieve a month ahead of schedule.

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