Good omen for Democrats because the Bald Eagles Circle Joe Biden Rally

Two bald eagles graced Joe Biden's rally, which could be a sign that America's patriots are coming to take their country back.

About the Biden Pool Report made available to PoliticusUSA: “Everyone who saw the pool wore masks, including Biden's family. His sister Valerie Owens Biden and granddaughter Maisy Biden both sat in folding chairs to the right of the stage. Like her brother, Val also wore aviator sunglasses. Pool asked Val if she had seen the eagles, she put her left hand to her heart and nodded yes. "

The eagles were confirmed to be present:

Towards the end of Biden's speech in Iowa, two bald eagles circled overhead.

– Annie Linskey (@AnnieLinskey) October 30, 2020

Joe Biden gets bald eagles while Trump gets coronavirus outbreaks at his rallies.

The symbolism could not be overlooked.

One candidate is a true American patriot, the other is Donald Trump.

Biden spreads optimism and hope as Trump spreads deadly misinformation and the coronavirus.

Given Trump's history with bald eagles, the bald eagle's Biden confirmation came as no surprise:

Even bald eagles understand that it is time to end Trump's death circus and take the country back.

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