Governor Tom Wolf predicts Joe Biden will win Pennsylvania

Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) stated Pennsylvania was different than 2016 when he predicted Biden / Harris would win the state.


Governor Tom Wolf predicts Joe Biden to win in Pennsylvania as he suggests things are different in the state than they were in 2016. #CNNSOTU

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) November 1, 2020

When asked about Trump's chances of winning Pennsylvania on CNN's State Of The Union, Governor Wolf said, "Anything is possible. But I think Joe Biden will win. Things are different now. They just feel different from 2016 In fact, your former schoolmate, Attorney General Shapiro, said the same thing, that there are a lot of Biden signs everywhere that never had Hillary Clinton signs in 2016. So I think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will do well in Pennsylvania. "

Governor Wolf is correct. The state feels very different than in 2016.

The reason Trump fought in rural parts of western Pennsylvania on Saturday, where he received 70% to 80% of the vote in 2016, is because Biden's support in the deep red parts of the state is higher than Hillary Clinton's.

Joe Biden can win Pennsylvania by returning to Obama in the counties Trump won with ease in 2016.

Trump created a myth about his popularity in the state. Donald Trump is popular in the conservative rural parts of the state, but doesn't have a Pennsylvania approval rating of over 50%.

Those of us who live in Pennsylvania have been approached by people who say we voted for Trump in 2016, but this time we are voting for Biden. Campaign signs for the Democrats are popping up in places they weren't seen in 2016.

All of this suggests Joe Biden will do well in Pennsylvania, which is why Trump is fighting to get ballots in the state.

Pennsylvania seems ready to turn blue again.

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