Guess who made as much as $ 640 million in "international revenue" within the White Home?

CREW points out Ivanka's stake in Trump's Washington, DC hotel, which has overwhelmed and accommodated every pay-to-play player for the past four years. But this is where the finances start to get very muddy. Ivanka and Jared's financial information is combined $ 23,791,645 and $ 120,676,949 in external income for 2020-2021. This includes Ivanka's astonishing step, the value of her stake in the DC Hotel over the past few years from “between $ 5 million and $ 25 million as stated in their earlier data, to $ 100,001 to $ 250,000. “This coincided with the senior year in office and … an emerging pandemic. Lucky i think?

Do you remember when they helped US relations in India? Don't you? That's because they didn't.

Jared, on the other hand, retained his ethically bankrupt interests in Cadre, the real estate technology company that benefited most from his and Ivanka's stay in the White House. This was the company that Jared apparently had down the hole for around $ 1 billion when his father-in-law Donald took office. This is the same corporate debt that Kushner conveniently omitted from his financial disclosure forms. (Side note: Kushner received part of the original entry fee he owed from right-wing boogie man George Soros. *) Subsequently, Ivanka received branded deals from Russia and China, and Cadre received many secret funds from foreign investors. Then Ivanka won the Chinese brand lottery – 34 Ivanka brands! – and coincided with her father publicly promising to save the Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE.

Meanwhile, Jared is said to have started a shell company that paid members of the Trump family more than half a billion dollars from the Trump campaign war chest. To top it off, whatever Jared and Ivanka have been doing behind the scenes with foreign bagmen, none of that has resulted in any benefit to America or Americans. Indeed, we are in a global pandemic where the logistics of vaccines and vaccine adoption have been largely delayed and patchy due to the greed and incompetence of Jared Kushner and his cronies. How much Jared and Ivanka earned from Trump's war chest or through proprietary trading in Trump's funds from the opening committee is still undergoing numerous investigations.

These two rich children have a long history of being as shallow, elitist, and mediocre as you can imagine. Whether it forced American taxpayers to pay a $ 3,000-a-month bill for refusing to give their intelligence details even one of their six reported bathrooms, or just plainly lying about their crapulence, As people have shown, Trump and Kushner have shown that we have generations of born rich corruption ahead of us.

Big corporations have shown that they will assist the most incompetent people like the Trumps and Kushners in any way that will give them a better chance of making more money. The need for our country's judicial system to fully investigate and prosecute even the richest and most powerful among us has never been more evident. Perhaps that is why reports from Donald trying to find ways to preventively pardon his moneymakers were so credible.

* Tea tea.

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