Help for Pence is rising for invoking the 25th Modification and eradicating Donald Trump from workplace – now

Impeachment, deportation, indictment, prosecution, incarceration: these should be the order of Donald Trump's future. The problem is that Trump currently has the almost unlimited power of the White House, which includes a military with which he could attack anyone – with or without justification. Considering Trump spent the day expressing his "love" for insurgents, telling them they were "very special," and encouraging them to remember what a fun day they had In order to overthrow the American government, it is clear that Trump cannot be allowed to stay in power. Not even for a day.

This absolute truth creates a growing call to Mike Pence and members of Trump's Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, contact the leaders of Congress, and remove Trump from power. Right away.

And it seems these calls are being heard. It appears from the White House that cabinet members are considering just that.

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