"Huge, daring and inclusive immigration reform": Biden administrator and lawmaker reveal revision

As mentioned earlier, the The US Citizenship Act of 2021 would provide immediate avenues to legal status for Immigrants who are already registered with the federal government in programs such as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and TPS (Temporary Protected Status), as well as the country's farm workers. You could then apply for citizenship after three years, CBS News said in a 66-page summary.

"In addition to legalizing provisions, the law would lift Clinton-era sanctions that prevent undocumented immigrants leaving the US from re-entering the country for three or ten years," the report continued. This is "huge," tweeted immigration attorney Hassan Ahmad. "This one thing will bring relief to * millions * who can now leave the US and return on a regular visa with no penalty."

"Another key piece of the bill is expanding legal immigration," continued CBS News. “The plan would increase the current cap per country for family and work-related immigrant visas and reassign unused visas. This would make spouses and children of green card holders "immediate family members" and exempt them from the country caps. "

There would be a provision in the legislation that would remove the dehumanizing term “foreigner” contained in immigration law and replace it with the term “non-citizen”. Proponents welcomed the initial reporting of this change. "The term 'alien' is used as a dehumanizing slur and should be removed from the language of our statutes," said Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro told NBC News. "This change may seem symbolic, but it is an important step in restoring humanity after years of demonization."

Ahmad said other regulations would allow certain immigrants deported during the previous administration to return to the McClatchy US had also reported that of Biden Rollback Policy from the previous administration includes a review of this administration's deportation of U.S. military service and family members. Among those who may now have a chance to return home is Alejandra Juarez, the military wife and mother of two US citizens cruelly deported in 2018.

While the Biden administration is fully behind the overhaul package, the Times reported that officials also said they would help pass on safeguards through piece-by-piece bills. The DREAM Act and SECURE Act, which would put DACA recipients and TPS holders on the path to citizenship, have already been introduced in the U.S. Senate. Whether it's a package or a chunk, what matters is that now the job is simply done.

"You are talking about a fight that we have been fighting for over three decades at this point," Lorella Praeli, president of Community Change Action, told the Times. “I'm not interested in a dance. I am determined to see this through and make concrete changes.” With Vice President Kamala Harris tied in the Senate, “they also asked the President to promise that he would also use a budgetary tool known as reconciliation to get smaller pieces of legislation to pass even if it pushes the bigger effort, ”the report continued.

Of course, there are already reports of Democrats resenting the Republican backlash. "Recipe for Disaster": Fears about the overhaul of immigration are mounting, "read a headline from Politico. It simply ignores the fact that anti-immigrant vitriol is already the Republican brand and message because that's all that is It is also ignored that the most anti-immigrant president in modern US history has just lost his election many times over.

It also ignores the fact that American voters from all major political parties are in favor of a route to citizenship for undocumented immigrants by a large majority.

"Americans are much more immigrant-friendly than ever, "America's voice said last month. "When asked, "Which statement is closest to your view of how the immigration system should deal with immigrants currently living illegally in the US?" Together, 80 percent support a permanent solution – either citizenship or permanent status – for undocumented immigrants with one strong majority of 64% in favor of citizenship, 16% in favor of permanent legal status without citizenship, and 19% in favor of deportation. "

One route to citizenship is the main position. That's just a fact no matter how his opponents try to turn it. The immigrant hate groups will do what they will. Your anti-immigrant allies in Congress, like Senator Tom Cotton, will do the same. So let's do what we have to do to protect immigrant families. "Now is the time for Democrats to use every tool at their disposal to protect the immigrant community without relying on Trump's party," said RAICES advocacy leader Erika Andiola in a tweet.

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