Immigrant rights teams are calling for "rapid impeachment" of Trump for inciting violent mobs

The organizations are also demanding that lawmakers who helped Trump instigate this violent riot, including Republican Senator from Texas Ted Cruz, and Republican Senator from Missouri (although he actually lives in Virginia), Josh Hawley, from Congress to get punished. "In addition, all members of Congress who have joined Trump in instigating today's violent coup attempt based on unfounded, demonstrable lies must be held accountable through reprimand, expulsion or other means," the organizations continue.

“From Friday morning 159 House Democrats and 22 Senate Democrats have issued statements in support of the impeachment, ”writes Joan McCarter of Daily Kos. “So is a Republican, Senator Ben Sasse on board, He will definitely consider which articles (the House) could move because I believe the President disregarded his oath of office. … What he did was bad. "

However, Vice President Mike Pence, who is empowered to initiate the process of recalling Trump under the 25th Amendment, is nowhere to be found. But that's because Pence is also a soulless charlatan who ditched the few beliefs he might have had in order to become a starry buddy of an authoritarian reality show host.

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi has said that the house "Can be prepared" Continuing the impeachment if Pence doesn't act first, but his inaction as Donald Trump continues to pose a threat to democratic values, has made it clear that the House must act first – and now. "We can't wait a day longer, ”tweeted Faith for Black Lives, another of the leading organizations that signed the letter. "Congress must act TODAY."

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