In a final breath of a dying GOP, the Senate ranks Amy Coney Barrett within the Supreme Court docket

The Republican-controlled Senate, led by Mitch McConnell, voted Monday night, just eight days before a presidential election in which more than 60 million Americans have already voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett in the Supreme Court.

BREAKING: The Senate has confirmed Amy Coney Barrett in the Supreme Court. She is President Trump's third appointment to the High Court. Http://

– NPR (@NPR) October 27, 2020

The move was the last breath of a Republican party that seems to know it is headed for defeat after trampling Donald Trump over the rule of law for the past four years.

As Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown said shortly before the vote, "I think McConnell has already decided that Trump will lose, and I think he understands they are going to lose the Senate."

"This is one final takeover that Mitch McConnell is making to end his career," added the Ohio legislature.


Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says Mitch McConnell rushes through Amy Coney Barrett's nomination because he knows Trump and the Republicans are headed for defeat.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) October 27, 2020

Senator Brown said:

It's pretty clear that Mitch McConnell has already packed the dish. He's been doing it at all levels through federal justice for the past four years. At the county, district and Supreme Court levels. I think it's all on the table next year, but the Democrats are playing hardball. And that means we will find the best answer. I basically think I think McConnell has already decided that Trump is going to lose. And I think in his mind he understands that they are going to lose the Senate and this is one final takeover that Mitch McConnell is making to end his career and I think he pretty much knows that. And we're going to be big next year. … The best answer to McConnell's takeover is to move the country in a progressive direction. And next Tuesday will do that.

The GOP is on its political deathbed

As Senator Sherrod Brown suggested Monday night, Republicans are ramming a lifelong Supreme Court appointment knowing they are headed for defeat in just over a week.

Confirming a Supreme Court Justice after losing an election would likely be a non-runner for enough Senate Republicans to block the nomination. Therefore, this is their only option before the votes are counted on November 3rd.

It is a shameful 11th hour takeover by a Republican Party officially on its political deathbed.

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