It wasn't the pandemic that wrecked federal well being officers, it was Donald Trump

As Politico reports, this aptly named party took place six months after Trump took control. The party marked the "resignation" of longtime deputy health minister Tom Novotny after he refused to be transferred to a "lower profile" position. The party marked not only Novotny's departure, but the dismantling of his entire team of public health experts. And to top it off, the health advisor who made the joke about the party's name was fired himself three days later and warned never to speak to his former co-workers again.

This health advisor, Joshua Prasad was fired the day before he had had enough time in office to make it difficult for him to be fired for no reason. Despite the manner in which he had been evicted, Prasad wrote back to the newcomers to HHS asking them to hold the science and medical team together and move forward with the issues under study. He might as well have ignored it.

The End of Science Party was only the start of dozen of such events that Politico finds this out "Trump officials have rejected, ignored, or evicted professional health officials in favor of White House policies."

Why did the US have the worst performance in the world with COVID-19? It's not just the failure of leadership at the top. In this way, HHS has been stripped of experience and knowledge from top to bottom. Donald Trump valued personal loyalty to knowledge and skills. We got that.

The result of all of this can be seen not just in a vaccine launch that has been labeled a disaster, but in the absolutely unique way COVID-19 is affecting the US.

No other nation has so failed to bring COVID-19 under control.

Other nations have suffered from large numbers of cases of COVID-19. In some cases, such as the UK and India, surges have actually actually exceeded the number of daily cases logged by the United States. The difference is that in each of these nations, government action has halted the growth of new cases. Only in the USA has COVID-19 simply grown beyond all previous borders. India saw over 90,000 positive results every day in September. That number is now below 20,000. Many European nations saw a challenging surge in November. By Christmas they had reduced the number by 80%.

Only in the United States has there been increases after increases. Not only is the United States running many times faster than the next higher nation, the numbers look even worse when you realize that last month's two slumps in US data were simply created by lower test levels during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Biden is faced not only with the task of bringing this pandemic under control, but also of repairing the organizations necessary to anticipate and combat pandemics. And he will do it at a moment when both Republicans in Congress and reporters in the national media are sure to develop a sudden case of amnesia for whatever they have overlooked, and immediately put their indignation on the "audible alarm in case" have reset from wrong spice ”area.

HHS is not alone. Biden faces the same task in the State Department. The Ministry of Justice. The EPA. The Department of Energy … at any point in time Trump has tossed experience and expertise in the trash and replaced him with loyalists who seek to undermine government functions. A serious defeat will be required.

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