LIVE Video: The Position of the Asian Neighborhood in Successful Georgia, this week on The Transient

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This week we are visiting Aisha Yaqoob Mahmoud of the Asian American Advocacy Fund to share the great work they have done to raise their Georgia community. If you win an election by such a small margin, it means everyone's work was the win, and we couldn't have done it without one of these critical groups – Asians, black voters, Latinos, suburban white women, young voters, etc. And that also applies to the runoff election of the Senate in Georgia in January. We'll talk to Aisha about the work they are doing to make sure the Asian vote is canceled again.

We will also speak with Daily Kos GOTV campaign organizer Paul Hogarth about Daily Kos's own efforts in the state. Yes, it's an issue – the Georgia vote. The next two years will look very different depending on who is responsible for the chamber.

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