McConnell urges Democrats to betray Joe Biden for heightened stimulus checks

Mitch McConnell will only agree to $ 2,000 in stimulus checks if Democrats agree to join Trump's exposed election fraud claims.

The New York Times reported:

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, blocked efforts to get an immediate vote Tuesday to increase stimulus checks to $ 2,000. Instead, he said the Senate would "initiate a process" to consider larger payments, along with other demands from President Trump, who left the fate of the measure unclear as more Republicans pressed for support.


Democrats are also likely to oppose anything that could be viewed as an attempt to undermine the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, as Mr Trump has suggested. Mr. McConnell, who privately urged its members not to object to the election results when Congress meets to ratify them on Jan. 6, presented the president's request as "exploring further ways to protect the sanctity of American ballots." But Mr. Trump has focused on getting Congress to "investigate the very substantial electoral fraud that has taken place," a claim he has repeated against substantial evidence.

Democrats will never come on board with Trump's false claims of election fraud.

McConnell holds suffering Americans hostage as he attempts to blackmail Democrats into betraying Joe Biden and delegitimizing his election victory. With Senate Republican support growing for the heightened stimulus checks, McConnell might not have as much leverage as he thinks.

The critical runoff elections in Georgia Sente will take place in a week. If Republicans are to keep their Senate majority, they have to pass the $ 2,000 checks. Rachel Maddow and MSNBC Group. Follow and like PoliticusUSA on Facebook"> If aid is not provided, McConnell, Loeffler and Perdue will only get hurt.

The likelihood of Democrats betraying Joe Biden and de-legitimizing his victory is zero.

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