Mike Pence and the perfect Republicans in Congress say goodbye to Trump

Trump wanted a large crowd for his farewell rally, but his own vice president and the best Republicans in Congress are blowing him down.

About the CBS Evening News:

Pres. Trump is hoping for a grand military-style goodbye at Joint Base Andrews
Wednesday, but there will be some notable absences: VP Pence, senior Republican Congressman, and some of his closest political allies have chosen not to participate in the @ PaulaReidCBS reports

– Norah O & # 39; Donnell (@NorahODonnell) January 19, 2021

Pence took the unusual step of posting his public schedule early in advance of Trump to make sure everyone knew he was going to attend the inauguration, not Donald Trump's farewell event.

Donald Trump still believes he can attract a large crowd and calm his ego with a large crowd of followers to get him back to Florida, but it turns out that Trump is now radioactive and top Republicans are nothing to him want to have to do.

Trump is so scaled down that a primetime farewell speech to the country was out of the question. He is the first president whose departure has been banned from YouTube.

Donald Trump started his presidency in front of a largely empty national mall, and he will end it at a seemingly empty Andrews Air Force Base as America sends the message that it is time for Trump to get off.

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