Mitch McConnell protected Trump from the implications after which tried to distance himself from the harm

On Saturday, Senator Mitch McConnell gave a rousing speech in which he beat Donald Trump for "shameful breach of duty," among other things. He agreed that there is "no question, none" that Trump is "practically and morally responsible" for an uprising attempting to kill one police officer, injuring about 140 more, causing several more deaths, and Trump's own vice president and president capture or kill others specifically targeted by Trump as political enemies. As is known for all McConnell speeches, as anyone with the slightest knowledge of the body knows, it came immediately after McConnell voted for himself for sabotage against Trump – a sabotage that was deliberate and would have happened over many weeks it probably didn't make it if it wasn't for McConnell's own misconduct.

McConnell's argument was that a former president could not be charged – a theory that historians, scholars and other experts consider nonsense and that is not an accessory to Trump's modern fascist movement and that the Senate had already expressly rejected. McConnell's argument has been that Democrats – because every single speech in which McConnell defends his party's embrace of a new corrupt, counterfactual, or clearly malicious act is accompanied by a statement that Democrats caused it – did not move fast enough to talk about Trump After indicting the January 6 insurrection, Trump allowed to leave office and now his party's bloodstained hands are tied.

But it was McConnell who blocked the action while Trump was in office. It was McConnell who refused to recall the Senate to go through with the process, and who justified the refusal by calling the impeachment of the House a "light-speed bogus trial." After losing the majority and thus the powers to control the Senate clock, McConnell voted at every turn to prevent the Senate from hearing the case against Trump. It is McConnell himself who invents another new rule that he claims stands in the way of a Republican indictment of violent insurgency. It comes after myriad similar new constitutional and Senate rules that McConnell allegedly discovered, both small and large.

McConnell stated that a sitting Democratic president cannot appoint new Supreme Court justices for the last full year of his term; McConnell stated that a sitting Republican president could do so in his final weeks in office. It's all a farce. We've been here a dozen times.

McConnell agrees that Trump was responsible for a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol. But he did so too close to the end of his term in office, and so found himself in a new void where presidents can sit back and watch a mob chase their enemies in the U.S. Capitol as long as the timing is right.

Like the apocryphal man who murdered his parents and then asked the courts for indulgence for being an orphan, McConnell has protected Trump during his final weeks in office and now says the delay he himself made is preventing the Senate from doing so To impose consequences. Trump is to blame, he is fully ready to explain.

And with this declaration McConnell distinguished himself as a willing collaborator.

This is that part of the worn-out program where Senator Mitch McConnell knows a member of his party has done something unforgivable and evil, thus preparing his double defense. In order to maintain the party's power and create a basis more and more willing to accept crimes in its cause, McConnell seeks to sabotage attempted accountability. To keep the flow of money from donors horrified the party would go this far – but still view tax breaks and corporate deregulation as more pressing needs than flushing out white supremacist-laced propaganda fascism – McConnell tells stories about his personal frustration with Behavior reassures the donor class that he is absolutely not on board with the new horror he himself was working on.

It seems that if a violent mob is on the verge of personally murdering Senator Mitch McConnell, that will be enough to spark an actual conviction straight from the man himself. But it still won't wake him when the heat of the moment has subsided and the mob has dispersed to support his country through his party. It is apparently not in his nature or in the nature of anybody left in his now purged party.

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