Monday Night time Owls: "School Soccer in a Pandemic Reveals Our Capability for Trumpism"

When we see these qualities manifest in the White House, so many of us find it unbearable. However, when it happens on American campus, the truth is that most people don't give a shit. Indeed, just disgust expressed by in order to lots This Summer- about the dangers of college football during a pandemic has been replaced with an attitude of indifference; The damage was normalized as mundane. This is undoubtedly not least because we have already jointly decided that it is acceptable to sacrifice largely black unpaid athletes on the football field to fund our universities and as a professor and doctoral student in the US state of Ohio To put it this way, "Help us through these unusually difficult times of great isolation, division and insecurity." But it's time to break away from that and face the fact that everything that's wrong with America is manifesting itself in college sports. The events that have happened – and are happening – in college football are as egregious as the spectacle in the country's capital. And they deserve the same level of control and indignation. (…)



"The biggest liar in the world is They Say." ~~Douglas Mallet



Trump just debuted a new line of attack against Biden: "He wants to listen to Dr. Fauci."

– Daniel Dale (@ ddale8) October 19, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2012Phil Gramm says Obama wins because poor people have it too good:

Look there The reason so many people are voting for Barack Obama in this election is because they are not hungry enough. After the great recession. If the first unemployment figures below eight percent have slipped in forever, that is an extremely modest improvement that has proven so shocking to Conservatives that they have almost convinced themselves it must be a government conspiracy. If we starved those 18.5 million people, they'd be way angrier – and then they'd go out there and vote Mitt Romney!

This, mind you, is the exact philosophy behind Romney's infamous "47 percent" comments: These damned poor people are all too good to do with, and of course, social programs that allow them not to die on the street People don't. I'm not going to vote for the good, responsible Republicans who want to bring back "Dying in the Street" as the hot new thing of this century. A remarkable idiot in every way, Phil Gramm fails to realize that the rise in grocery stamps and other government support are the obvious and expected results of a prolonged and extremely devastating economic downturn – no, it must be because we are just too damn generous these days. This is the world according to Phil Gramm. He then complains that Obama hasn't fixed all of the various problems that Phil Gramm and his fellow finance colleagues screwed up over the past decade. So it is clear that it is time to hand over the reins to Mitt Romney so Phil Gramm and his colleagues in finance can make things worse again.


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