Morning Digest: The subsequent cease on our 2020 President Outcomes Tour by District: South Carolina

Campaign action

While most of the polls in Palmetto State showed Donald Trump fell well short of his 55-41 profit margin from 2016, Trump ended up just slightly less than 55-43 in South Carolina last week. Trump again promoted six of the state's seven congressional districts, with Joe Biden winning the heavily Democratic 6th district from House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn.

The next constituency was, unsurprisingly, the 1st district along the coast, where Trump went down from 53-40 to just 52-46. That left shift wasn't enough, however, for newly minted Democratic MP Joe Cunningham, who lost the 51-49 re-election to Republican Nancy Mace.

Trump carried his other five seats in double digits. The closest was the 2nd District in the suburbs of Augusta and Columbia, which supported him between 56 and 39 in 2016, but between 55 and 44 in 2020. Before Election Day, the Democrats were hoping that veteran Rep. Joe Wilson, a Republican, shamefully "You shouted" LIE! "At Barack Obama during a congressional address in 2009, could be vulnerable to well-funded Democrats Adair Ford Boroughs there, but Wilson won with a comparable 56-43, while the 6th District moved from 67-30 Clinton to 67-32 Biden.

Georgia Runoffs

GA-Sen-A, GA-Sen-B: Though the Georgia drains are barely a week old, Advertising Analytics reports that both races have already spent $ 45 million on the radio waves, with $ 31 million coming from the campaigns themselves.

So far, Republicans are making up the bulk of that spending: David Perdue has spent $ 19 million and Kelly Loeffler has spent $ 6 million, while Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff have spent $ 4 million and $ 2 million, respectively to have. Meanwhile, two Super PACs aligned with Mitch McConnell, the Senate Leadership Fund and American Crossroads are slated to raise $ 4.5 million each.

Unsurprisingly, Loeffler used her airtime to launch attacks on Warnock, who largely avoided targeting negative ads in the first round of the election as Loeffler was busy fending off his fellow Republican, Doug Collins. Now she strengthens the usual GOP playbook to 11.

The first of her two new spots starts with a recording of young school children (all but one are white) with hands on their hearts, who are presumably reciting the promise of loyalty. A scary-sounding narrator explains, "This is America – but will it still be like this when the radical left controls the Senate?"

From then on, things get predictably worse. The ad alleges, among other things, that Warnock "held a rally for the communist dictator Fidel Castro," showing grainy 1995 footage. Warnock does not appear in the clip, however: his campaign said he was just a junior staff member of the church where Castro spoke and was not involved in the decision to invite the late Cuban leader.

The second ad reappears with Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of Chicago whose sermons on fire got a lot of attention during Barack Obama's first presidential campaign in 2008. It contains footage of Wright talking furiously from the pulpit, interspersed with clips of Warnock defending Wright. The spot ends with the narrator spitting "Raphael Warnock: Radical of a radical".

Warnock was one of several black clergymen who spoke out for Wright at the time, saying that his most inflammatory utterances had been separated from the full context of the sermons from which they were drawn. Earlier this year he stood by his earlier statements and said, "Any fair-thinking person would see that anything a government does, including the American government, is not in accordance with God's dream for the world."

Uncalled races

Quite a few competitions go uncalled, but we keep track of them all on our constantly updated cheat sheetand of course we will cover each of them in the digest once they are resolved.

IA-02: The Democrat Rita Hart announced on Thursday that she would strive for a recount in this open seat competition. Hart was behind Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks by 47 votes on Thursday afternoon. For their part, Miller-Meeks has declared victory and refused to recognize Joe Biden's victory.

NJ-07: While the Associated Press launched this contest for the new Democratic MP Tom Malinowski shortly after election day, the race has intensified dramatically over the following week, with many more ballots to be counted.

Malinowski had a 28,400 vote lead over Republican Tom Kean Jr. on November 4, and a 6,275 vote lead on Thursday afternoon. David Wildstein of the New Jersey Globe estimates there are nearly 38,800 ballots remaining, and "that number could be as high as 60,000". However, the AP did not withdraw its call.

Called races

IL-14: On Thursday, the Associated Press launched the race for that seat in the western suburbs of Chicago for the new Democratic MP Lauren Underwood. The Congressman's victory also means Republican Jim Oberweis has another high profile defeat on his ledger.

NY-11: Republican Nicole Malliotakis has recaptured this seat on Staten Island for her party, and the newly minted Democratic MP Max Rose conceded on Thursday.

CA ballot: The Associated Press has declared a victory for Proposition 19 known as the change in property tax transfers, exemptions and revenue for forest fire agencies and counties. CBS San Francisco describes Prop. 19, passed between 51 and 49, as a measure that "gives exemptions to elderly homeowners, the disabled, and devastating victims, and grazes breaks from people who inherit homes but do not live in them".

Maricopa County, AZ recorder: Republican Stephen Richer reclaimed that post for his party by removing Democratic incumbent Adrian Fontes 50.1-49.9, and Fontes conceded on Thursday. The recorder's job is to hold elections in Maricopa County, which is home to more than 60% of the state's population and is the fourth largest county in the country with 4.5 million people. However, following his victory in 2016, the members of the Republican District Board of Directors took control of the key powers of Fontes' office.

NC auditor: The AP named this race for Democratic incumbent Beth Wood who turned down Republican Anthony Street 51-49.


AR-Gov: Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson will be retired in 2022, and the GOP area code to follow him has been going on for well over a year. Lt. Governor Tim Griffin, who previously represented central Arkansas in the US House of Representatives from 2011 to 2015, announced that it would start in August last year 2019. Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, whose 2014 win made her the first woman and the first Republican to ever hold the post, also entered the competition in July that year.

There may also be more buyers for Team Red soon. The potential candidate who has generated the most chatter in years is former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the daughter of former Governor Mike Huckabee: As Sanders at an appearance at On September 9th, Good Morning America asked about her interest in this post. "She just replied:" We'll see. "

Senate Majority Leader Jim Hendren has been more direct this month, admitting he was considering a gubernatorial offer on election night. Political columnist Steve Brawner recently wrote that Hendren could be a tough sell to GOP primary voters, saying he made "the career-killing mistake of trying to find workable bipartisan solutions to challenging problems".

AZ-Gov: Republican governor Doug Ducey cannot run for a third term in 2022, and this swing state is very likely to be an important battlefield. One Democrat who has received a lot of attention as a potential candidate is Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and she has shown interest in running in late 2019. Hobbs also predicted that she would "probably decide early '21".

It's on the Republican side Arizona Republic Laurie Roberts wrote last month that treasurer Kimberly Yee appeared to be positioning herself for an offer. Roberts noted that Yee appeared in commercials earlier that year against Proposition 208, an electoral measure to introduce a new high income tax to fund schools.

Prop. 208 ultimately passed 52-48, but Yee's campaign against it may have increased its notoriety. Indeed, Roberts notes that then-treasurer Doug Ducey raised his profile in 2012 by chairing the successful anti-referendum campaign to fund education that took place two years before Ducey was elected governor. Republican politicians also speculated last month that Ducey was behind Yees anti-prop. One adviser said, "It is Ducey's attempt to anoint someone on the next cycle because we know they are dissatisfied with other elected officials in this state."

Roberts added that the Republican Ducey appears to be blocking is Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who she says will "run for governor in 2022". Brnovich, who will be fired from his current position this year, has repeatedly clashed with Ducey; In September, Brnovich specifically challenged Ducey's Order Closing Bars to help stop the spread of the pandemic.

MN-Gov: Republicans have had problems nationwide in Minnesota for the past few years that Joe Biden took between 52 and 45 last week, but they hope Democratic Governor Tim Walz will be vulnerable in two years. Retired Senator Scott Jensen recently told the Star Tribune & # 39; s Patrick Condon, whom he has pondered, and Condon adds that Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka "is seen as a likely candidate".

A few other Republicans don't close the door. Rep. Pete Stauber responded to speculation by saying he was flattered but focused on his current job, which is not a no. State Senator Carla Nelson, who lost the 2018 GOP area code for Congress to today's representative. Jim Hagedorn also said when asked if she was interested in running for a nationwide post, "I have never closed doors." Last week, Minnesota Morning Take also announced, "Other solid-source names on Republican shortlist for 2022 governor" include Rep. Barb Haley and NBC sports caster Michele Tafoya as possibilities, though there's no word if both actually think about it.

Finally, it seems like we're facing another cycle in which we try to decipher the political intentions of My Pillow founder Mike Lindell. A reporter tweeted last month that Lindell told the crowd at a Trump event that he was going to run, but KTTC quoted him as saying, "Absolutely, if the president wins I will run. "(Emphasis on us.)

Later, on November 4, Lindell told the Minnesota reformer he planned to run if Trump was wearing Minnesota, which the far-right pillow seller had not admitted at the time. Lindell added, "But now I need to debate and pray about it and see what happens to the presidential election. (You) may need me now more than ever." Days later, Lindell blamed Joe Biden on no grounds for winning Minnesota by fraud.

NE-Gov: There will be an open race to succeed GOP Governor Pete Ricketts in 2022, and there are many Republicans who could fight in this very red state. The only one we've had public interest in so far is Senator Brett Lindstrom, who confirmed he had given it some thought last November.

On the Democratic side, 2018 candidate Bob Krist announced in April 2019 that he is back on the grid. That move came months after losing to Ricketts 59-41. Krist supported Republican MP Don Bacon in his successful re-election campaign that year.

PA Gov: While there are many Democrats who could run for the success of the Democratic-rated Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, Senator Bob Casey said this week that he would stay out of the competition in 2022.

SC-Gov: Republican Governor Henry McMaster's campaign manager said in May 2019 that the incumbent would seek a second full term in 2022. McMaster was named governor by the lieutenant governor in 2017 when Nikki Haley stepped down to become Donald Trump's first ambassador to the United Nations. and he was self-elected the following year.

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