Mother and father come unglued over photograph of scholars painted in pink, white and blue trump flag – "Soaked in white supremacy"

A “triggered” Liberal parent has come across a photo, completely unglued, of students from Omaha, Nebraska, painted in red, white, and blue and carrying a flag that supports President Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump parent comes unglued

Parent Erik Christensen lost it when a photo surfaced online of students who recently attended an Elkhorn South High School soccer game.

“I think it was intimidating. I think it was ominous. I think it was racist, "Christensen told WOWT-TV. "I felt like it was kind of saturated with white supremacy."

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He added that the photo made him angry and concerned about his stepdaughter who is attending school.

"I literally had to get up this morning and wonder if she would be okay if she went to school because that was the kind of environment she lived in – one of the few black minority students at all, Elkhorn," said Christensen.

Director Mark Kalvoda said the photo was actually just a partial image, with the full image showing students spelling "2X World War Champs" as part of a "USA Out" theme as they were supposed to show their patriotism while playing the game. The principal also said that students are allowed to wear a pro-Trump flag as freedom of speech is protected in the school.

Christensen starts again

However, this didn't go well with Christensen.

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"Can I take a Black Lives Matter sign to a soccer game?" Christensen asked. "And can I do it on the front row of the soccer game?"

"How did black students react?" the angry parent continued. “How did minority students react? How did other white students react? "

Kalvoda said he spoke to color students and their parents after Monday's game and that the school is still looking into what happened. However, the Nebraska School Activities Association stated that their rules did not include language dealing with political signs at games.

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This piece was written by James Samson on October 22nd, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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