Newsmax decides to rent MyPillow CEO to debate "tradition breakup" and issues are shortly turning sideways

Lindell begins by saying right out of the gate that Twitter and others will shut him down for "having all the evidence" that voting machines are being tampered with. If you've followed this bullshit fascism under the guise of electoral fraud, you will know that companies like Newsmax have had to go back to their parrots of these lies very intensely because Dominion, the owners of the voting machines, whose name was factual statements from right-wing experts and operators clouded across the country, lawsuits and lawsuits loom. And because there is no evidence to back up the claims made by the likes of Mike Lindell and others, Dominion's case is excellent.

The newscaster quickly interrupts Lindell to remind him that “We at Newsmax have not been able to investigate any of these allegations. We just want you to know that there is nothing substantial there. “This is done while Lindell is making his impression of the foghorn stuttering, but the host isn't done yet. In fact, he has to read something now so that Newsmax doesn't get all of them sued for fire-filled pants.

“The election results in each state have been certified and Newsmax accepts the results as legal and final. The courts have also supported this view. "

Wowsers. The brown-haired host at Newsmax then tries to give Mr. Pillow the parameters to talk about: "We wanted to talk to you about lifting the culture [sic], if you will." But Mr. Lindell won't. He continues to try to speak about the hosts, obviously upset by this turn of events, while the Newsmax squad speak of his continued false allegations of conspiracy. It's remarkable to look at and ends with a perfect button.

The host asks his producer on the air "if we can get out of here," which means they can cancel the interview. The blonde news presenter then tries to ask if we can talk about it and the presenter walks off the set.

That made my day sweeter.

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