November will decide the way forward for a program that can defend hundreds of immigrants in Texas

Gerson Bonilla would be forced to abandon the second life he had built for himself in the United States after fleeing the civil war in El Salvador 30 years ago. "Bonilla's trip took him to Houston," reported The Texas Tribune, "where he found work and got married. He now has four children with US citizens, a mortgage, and owns an HVAC installation and repair business."

Soto, originally from Honduras, is also the mother of US citizens. Across the state, nearly 54,000 children of United States citizens have parents who are protected through the program.

While the courts initially blocked the Trump administration's attempt to end the status of Bonilla, Soto and thousands of others, a devastating court ruling last month allows officials to continue their mass deportation plan while the litigation continues. But while the decision is devastating, the two told The Texas Tribune that they will fight back and speak out if the end of the election voting nears in just a few days.

"At first it was sad and disappointing and the fear came," Soto told The Texas Tribune because she was afraid of having to uproot her family and be sent to a country where she would have difficulty accessing for 14 years to receive specialized medical care -old daughter who was born prematurely. "But right now I'm really convinced that I'm going to fight for my status," she continued.

As the report notes, families protected by TPS last month have started a bus tour Visit more than 50 cities in over 30 states to educate voters about the program and encourage them to vote for their families. "With 54 stops in 8 weeks and adhering to all health protocols at the age of COVID-19, drivers on & # 39; La Libertad & # 39; Stop traveling around the country where they are accompanied by TPS holders, their friends and allies, ”said the National TPS Alliance.

The tour made multiple stops in the state this month, where a new poll has Biden a narrow margin over Trump. Yes, Trump could lose Texas to Republicans for the first time in decades.

But what families need is Biden to win overall. While his plan has promised to protect the program, he also promises to put TPS families, as well as families protected by the delayed forced departure, on a path to citizenship so that no president can ever throw his life in limbo again.

"The politically motivated decisions of the Trump administration to remove the protected status of hundreds of thousands of people fleeing countries affected by war and natural disasters regardless of current country conditions a recipe for disaster, ”says his plan. “Biden will protect TPS and DED (Deferred Enforced Departure) holders from repatriation to unsafe countries. TPS / DED holders who have been in the country for a long time and made a living in the US will also be offered a route to citizenship through legislative immigration reform, ”she continues.

"Why not give this option to become resident for those who have a business, those who have property, those who have children and who have filed their taxes?" Soto asked. "We have to keep working, we have to survive the pandemic," Bonilla continued with The Texas Tribune. "We'll keep moving one way or another, life goes on."

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