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The reorganization of your county and district is essentially based on county officials elected in a public vote, often in the previous elementary school. States are working to explain the process where possible, and often publish a guide like Kentucky.

The Kentucky Democratic Party organization begins with the Precinct Committee member. The district committee members are the key driver in registering voters, advertising candidates, and helping Democrats understand the party's structure, process, and platform. You are among those volunteers who are conquering neighborhoods, speaking to voters, and connecting with and activating progressive Kentuckians by speaking to independent, disconnected and democratic voters alike. These are volunteer positions with time commitment and responsibilities that are largely determined individually by each member of the district committee.

Imagine the process of building a pyramid. At the bottom you have all the county officials. District officials can choose the next level, legislative leaders, or the district party leadership, depending on the state. At this level, after the election of district officials or district officials, there are additional votes to set up a state committee that sets up the rules for state party officials and party platforms.

What if I want to apply for a job?

Guess what! If you feel you can embrace it and want to do what you can to help your government organization, do it! Your input can change the way your county or state works significantly.

Don't expect everyone to agree with your opinion. You can find others who disagree because we are human. However, fellow Democrats may disagree and still try to see the position we all have and develop a way forward. When you put yourself in the shoes of the room, you have the opportunity to receive input that you would not otherwise have.

Many find that the process of running for a higher-level volunteer, unpaid position – such as a district, county, or state chairman – may be too much time that they do not have to give. That's okay too. This doesn't mean your input into the reorganization won't be heard. They can help select the officers you want and work to provide the platform and effort you want.

Your work at the local, county, district, or state level will help strengthen the party in your state. You don't have to be the main honcho to have a huge impact on the lives of those around you.

Support a candidate? Let people know why

If you're not running, you may know someone who is considering running for office within their local Democratic Party. It can be a treasurer or secretary of the county party, a vice-chairman or a chairman. In some states, they may be concerned with running legislative districts. When you know someone is running and someone you support, take your time and stand up for them.

As you become part of the organizations in your area, you can make new friends, strengthen relationships with old friends, and find new ways of looking at your local community. This is where you can find democratic companies, dog-loving democratic groups or bird watchers. Regardless of your hobby, you can likely find a Democrat who knows someone like you – or wants to get to know someone like you. The stronger we build our own social network, the better off we are all when the time comes for a choice.

Are you a PCO?

If you've already got up and been counted as a PCO, I would like to close with this: Thank you. You are the building block that helps keep our party strong. Through you and your efforts, we reach out to voters in each cycle and encourage them to come forward and vote. You know your neighbors, friends, and the community far better than anyone else. You know them better than your government organization, better than any national organization, better than any outside group. You know them because they're the same people you've grilled, sat and had a drink with, and watched college football, or celebrated a family wedding. You know the people in your blocs who are hardcore Republicans and die-hard Democratic voters. They are our guide to performance when it comes to casting the votes we need each cycle.

Any meeting that begins a choice that depends on you should begin with the following sentence: Thank you.

Nuts & Bolts is on vacation next week! Enjoy!

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