Pennsylvania: The primary swing state in current days

$ 10 to grassroots organizations in 10 swing states (including Pennsylvania) that provide vital support to voters against repression of GOP voters.

In our feed to Mobilize America, Daily Kos curated these voting activities to help Biden win Pennsylvania. After you sign up, you will be contacted by email from the campaign organizers for further instructions on what to do next.

Here are some of the ways we need volunteers:

Back-to-Blue, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, is Hosting a virtual telephone bank specifically for out of state volunteers calling to Pennsylvania in the past four days.

NextGen Pennsylvania Targeting young voters, hosts a Text bank for voting for the past five days. Text banking is a popular activity, so volunteer shifts fill up quickly. If you're looking to create a text bank, I highly recommend grabbing a slot while you can.

Swing Left is hosting one virtual telephone bank Starting this weekend from Philadelphia, where you can register from anywhere in the country to vote in Pennsylvania.

That's only a fraction of the hundreds of volunteer activities in our feed Please try it out.

The polls might suggest Biden will win Pennsylvania despite being too close for comfort. But it requires the Democratic vote to end, and Republicans are pulling out any possible repression of the electorate. And we didn't build the kind of initial head start on the early voting in Pennsylvania that we did in other swing states.

And reports of postal ballot papers lost in the mail are terrifying. In Butler County (in western Pennsylvania, north of Pittsburgh) thousands of voters are unknown did not get their postal ballot papers due to mix-up by the U.S. Postal Service. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is Running a virtual telephone bank that you can join here.

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