Prepare: Trump's long-promised $ 200 seniors bribe is not going to happen

This is despite the fact that Trump and the administration insisted it still happen in mid-December when Bloomberg reported that the administration planned to send the cards out from Jan. 1. By this time the Special Interest Group for Inventory Information Approval System Standards [SIGIS] had given the go-ahead and were apparently on board. SIGIS is working with the federal government to provide debit cards for tax-exempt medical expenses and may have wanted to provide those cards. You never got that far.

With Trump being too busy and Rudy Giuliani pounding crazy electoral fraud and conspiracy theories and then planning a riot, he and the White House lost interest. The Treasury Department and the IRS were busy doing stimulus checks, and many of the officials who had to enforce the program left the administration. They're throwing in the towel now, mostly for this reason: "Trump officials began to wonder if the Trump administration was rushing to lay the groundwork for announcement letters and cards that couldn't be sent out until February or March and would go out with camp Biden's name instead. "

And so the door to Trump's never-appearing, but always imminent health plan is permanently closed.

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