Rashida Tlaib from "The Squad" defends the proverb "Indict the mom": "I imply, I used to be proper"

On Tuesday, radical left Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib responded to the impeachment lawyers of former President Donald Trump with a video calling for Congress to "indict the mother" on Trump.

Tlaib's comments were originally made in 2019 prior to the January 6th attack on Capitol Hill. The "Squad" member told MNSBC's Chris Hayes she was "right" to make her comments.

Check out Tlaib's interview below.

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Tlaib doubles on "Impeach The Motherf *** er"

"I mean, I was right," said Tlaib Hayes on his MSNBC All In program.

"This is a person who was lawless," added Tlaib. "Not only that, it's a crooked billionaire who runs his business from the White House."

Tlaib ignored her brutal claim that President Trump did something "wrong" about his business, and host Hayes did not ask.

"He has committed absolutely criminal acts," she added.

Tlaib then turned to the current impeachment process.

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“You know, this primary impeachment that you are currently seeing in the Senate to condemn him concerns the January 6th violence, but for many of us, especially here in my district, we saw that this was extremely corrupt You put the Trump Organization first, ”she said.

Congressman Rashida Tlaib on MSNBC, just as Chris Hayes was showing the clips of her saying "Impeach the Motherfucker":

Tlaib: I mean, I was right.

See, this is how you do it. Say what you say and be serious.

– Alexandra Halaby (@iskandrah) February 10, 2021

"We knew what he was about and we called him on from day one"

Tlaib continued, "They put the for-profit organization, its businesses, before people's businesses and made us stay at the Trump Hotel again to do all of this."

"Again, many of us have not waited for him to bribe a foreign government, nor have we waited in the 13th congressional district for an attack by white supremacy on our capital," added the far-left Democrat.

"We knew what he was about and we called him on it from day one," she insisted.

#ICYMI: The residents of # 13thDistrictStrong deserve nothing less than holding Trump accountable for the violence he caused on Jan. 6 and the damage and pain he has tried to compromise our democracy.

As always, a pleasure to join @ allinwithchris. # ImpeachAndConvict pic.twitter.com/5Uq7aVkKCT

– Congressman Rashida Tlaib (@RepRashida) February 10, 2021

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Tlaib vowed Democrats "won't hold back" when it comes to Trump and would definitely "hold the former president accountable".

"We must use every possible resource and condemn this president again for the violence he has caused," Tlaib concluded.

Tlaib accuses Trump of trying to disenfranchise black voters

Tlaib also redoubled the Democratic strategy of portraying the violence in the Capitol as "white supremacy".

Tlaib agreed with the statements of impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin, who had argued that democracy is personal.

"It is. Chris, from my district alone, they deliberately tried to cast black votes here in Detroit. And so it was extremely personal for us that they tried to use the rhetoric of the white supremacists, to use that racist tone and." those conspiracy theories that led to the violence on January 6th. "

Tlaib received no backlash from Hayes on her claim without evidence that the Trump campaign team "deliberately tried to cast black votes".

Watch the entire interview here:

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