Regardless of the Cratering Approval Scores, Josh Hawley says he has "super assist" in Missouri

Last updated on Thu, February 4, 2021 by Todd Neikirk

Before the uprising he sparked, Josh Hawley was considered a rising star in the Republican Party. And having a future in today's GOP means supporting Donald Trump.

Hawley made the decision to support Trump's election campaign despite the total lack of evidence. And when the attack on the U.S. Capitol took place, many pointed fingers directly at the Missouri Senator.

In a poll conducted by The Morning Consult in late January, Hawley only had an approval rating of 36% in the red state. At the end of November, its number was 48%.

In another Data for Progress poll a week after the riot, 51% of Missouri voters said Hawley should step down from his Senate seat.

However, Hawley says his numbers are pretty good. He recently told KY3, "I would say the support from Missouri has been tremendous. And you can see that in the polls and also in our fundraising numbers. And we weren't looking for or expecting that."

The Missouri Senator continued: "But we have had tremendous support – thousands and thousands of new donors, almost all very small donors from across the state, but also tremendous support from people who have been with us in the past. "

Hawley followed up on his favorite topic of "Breaking Culture" and concluded: "I think the numbers suggest that I reflect the views of my constituents. People appreciate someone who is willing to take a stand and not bow before a left-wing mob. "

While Hawley has denied he'll run for president in 2024, many still think he's likely.

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