Rep. Jim Jordan reportedly contemplated the primary bid in opposition to the Ohio governor who acknowledged Biden's victory

However, an adviser said it was still unlikely that Jordan would leave Congress behind to run for governor as long as the redistribution did not put him in danger. "It's on his mind, I'll put it that way," said the consultant, before adding, "I'd say that in the end it is unlikely to know him, but I won't close the door."

The only Republican to have spoken of a campaign against DeWine so far is former MP Jim Renacci, who lost the 2018 Senate race to Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown by 53:47. Renacci didn't exclude anything Earlier this month and Tobias write that He will "probably run". However, he adds that the former congressman also has a terrible relationship with party leaders, predicting that he would "struggle to assemble a statewide staff after running off several campaign managers during his US Senate".

Tobias mentions a few other Republicans as options, though there's not a word of their interest. On the list is former treasurer Josh Mandel, who was nominated for Brown by Team Red in 2012. Mandel spent more than a year waging a second campaign against Brown, but suddenly Canceled in early 2018citing the health of his wife. Tobias also mentions the former Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, the lost the 2018 primary to DeWine 60-40and Rep. Warren Davidson who also has made a hobby out of DeWine's trash on twitter.

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