Report: Biden tries to implement Obama-era immigration coverage

A detailed report from the Heritage Foundation suggests that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden would reverse President Trump's immigration reforms and bring America back to Obama-era immigration policies.

The conservative think tank notes that the differences between Biden's and President Trump's immigration policies are "strong".

The analysis suggests that Biden would revert to several key Obama administration policies, including extending protection for so-called dreamers and amnesty for overwhelming numbers of illegals.

"If Biden were to become president, he would return to many of the same immigration policies that were put in place during the Obama administration," the report said.

It goes on to say: "This includes the protection and expansion of the DACA program, the admission of at least 125,000 refugees per year and the amnesty for 11 million illegal foreigners."

The Trump administration has put up a BIG WALL on the southern border and is expanding rapidly.

As a result of government negotiations, Mexico is offsetting the cost by sending troops to the Guatemalan border to stop illegal immigration – and is also hosting asylum seekers. pic.twitter.com/F3TxcNnbRX

– Heritage Foundation (@Heritage) October 16, 2020

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Biden Immigration Policies will bring America back to the Obama era

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During an election campaign stop in Arizona last August, President Trump declared victory on his promised border wall and warned of Biden's "deadly" immigration platform.

"You don't hear from the wall anymore because we won," said Trump.

"Joe Biden is the puppet of the radical left movement that seeks the complete elimination of America's borders and borders," he continued.

"They want to tear down the wall, they don't want borders, they want protective cities."

"We won. We got the wall." Trump supporters boo the media department and cheer the president as he talks about progress in building the border wall. #TrumpRally #Trump #Yuma pic.twitter.com/FyasMLdXxv

– Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) August 18, 2020

"Biden's plan is the most radical, extreme, ruthless, dangerous and deadly immigration plan proposed by a major party candidate," said the president.

"It has to be defeated and it will be defeated on November 3rd."

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"We won" at the border wall

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) informed Americans about the construction of the border wall in September and reported that it was being built at about 10 miles a week.

The Trump administration, they claimed, is "building (a) new wall and doing it faster than ever."

Update of the boundary wall system:

Completed 341 miles
240 miles under construction
157 miles in the stem

For the latest information on the Border Wall System, please visit: https://t.co/1P24vPbOcu pic.twitter.com/3Y843NQ7CG

– Chef Rodney Scott (@USBPChief) September 28, 2020

According to Heritage, Biden would stop any further construction on the border wall if elected.

"Building a wall is unlikely to deter criminals and cartels trying to exploit our borders," it says on its website.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court agreed to look into two cases involving Trump's immigration policy – including the border wall funding challenges and asylum policy.

This message is a gentle reminder of another promise then-candidate Trump made during his previous campaign – to bring conservative judges to justice, which we see with our own eyes as we speak.

The immigration policy cases could potentially be the first cases Amy Coney Barrett is involved in, should it be confirmed.

The Heritage report is a good indication that President Trump is trying to move America forward on border security, while Biden is looking to set the nation back.

Can we really afford that when struggling through an economy hampered by an overseas pandemic?

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