Republicans: Some Congressmen voted to overturn the elections, fearing for the "security of their households".

“One of the saddest things is that I had colleagues who, when the time came to see the reality and vote for Arizona and Pennsylvania certification in Electoral College, knew from the bottom of their hearts that they would have to vote for certification but some had legitimate concerns about the safety of their families and felt that the vote would put their families at risk, "Meijer said.

This is also a signal of how dangerous the American fascist movement and Donald Trump have become. If lawmakers change votes on the threats Trump and his allies pose to their own families – and given a real coup attempt to assassinate those who are not loyal to Trump, their concerns are justified – we are already here at a time when our government actions are at least partially controlled by terrorists.

During the remainder of the interview, it was clear to Rep. Meijer that he was responsible for fueling this uprising against our nation. And it should be singled out because the Congressman is largely alone in his party when he says this.

"[Trump supporters] have been lied to. You have been misled. Some of my colleagues in Congress share responsibility for this. Many of them raised funds from this Stop the Steal Grift. I don't see what you can look like in the mirror and Going to sleep at night without it bothering your conscience, I basically don't. I just can't speak about how some of them acted in ways that are only knowingly and demonstrably wrong. And they know you are lying too .

"I mean, maybe I come here with too naive an expectation of human skill and decency, but I was also an interrogator in Iraq, so it's not like I'm a Pollyanna."

And he sounds really mad at his Republican counterparts:

"What puzzled me the most were people giving speeches that were written that morning as if we weren't in a body where windows had been broken just hours earlier, and law enforcement officers were drawing guns. As if a woman wasn't would have been shot 100 feet from where they were, right? There was still dried blood out there. And they made exactly the same speeches, exactly the same arguments, saying what their people wanted to hear instead of telling them what they needed to hear . "

But the news is that at least some of these colleagues stood by their "demonstrably false" claims, fearing that pro-Trump forces would attack their own families, making events even darker on Wednesday. Trump's terrorist allies did not have to face their insurgency successfully to submit some in Congress to their demands. The threats were sufficient.

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