Right here's why Fox's opinions are within the dumpster: Invoice Hemmer claims Democrats are voiding Bible indicators

Fox News' Bill Hemmer claimed that if Democrats remove statues, Democrats would be the next to cancel Bible characters.

Video from Hemmer:

"If you start canceling these American presidents, the next thing they will look for is Bible characters. Highlight my words" – Fox News "News Side" -Host Bill Hemmer

– Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 19, 2021

Hemmer said, "If you start canceling these American presidents, your next step will be to look for Bible characters."

Fox News has largely ignored the Texas crisis except to host Texas Republicans and give them a platform to blame others and make excuses. Fox News doesn't care about the pandemic or the popular new Democratic president's already successful moves that have been taken to get the virus under control and vaccinate Americans.

Fox News was the last to drop dead on the cable news for retreating into their little right bladder, and what they're talking about doesn't interest anyone who's not in the bladder.

Bill Hemmer is said to be on the network's news page, but there is no news page in Fox's post-Trump world. There are just stupid right-wing opinions disguised as news all the time.

Fox News has no relevance to national dialogue, and their terrifying strategies of annulling the Bible are an ancient example of why millions of Americans have turned Fox off.

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