Romney says the results of the Lame Duck interval are "probably extra extreme" than the delayed transition

Senator Mitt Romney, R-Utah, says President Donald Trump's behavior during the Lame Duck period between losing his election and the inauguration of the Biden Harris administration could have "potentially more serious" consequences than a delayed transition. So far, the president has ordered his administration not to work with the Biden-Harris transition team.

"The consequences of what happens during this lame duck era, in my opinion, may be more severe than the consequences of a late transition process," Romney told CNN's David Axelrod on an episode of The Ax Files podcast released today.

Romney says foreigners he spoke of have raised "alarm" about Trump's plan to withdraw troops from the Middle East, a move that could jeopardize US relations with its allies.

"We have about 40 coalition members who also have troops there. If we withdraw our troops, our remaining troops and their troops are obviously in danger, ”said Romney. "And they are wondering, what do we do in a coalition with the United States when a hard-hitting decision is made, with which we may or may not be familiar, that puts our forces at risk?"

Romney's fierce criticism is the latest sign that more Republicans are pulling away from the president despite he claims the 2020 elections were fraudulent. (There is no evidence to support the president's claim, which has been denied by U.S. security officials.)

Some Trump administration officials have quietly reached out to the Biden-Harris transition team despite Trump insisting not to cooperate.

Kate Bedingfield, Biden's assistant campaign manager and transition adviser, confirmed to CNN that officials had contacted but urged the General Services Administration (GSA) to acknowledge Biden's victory and begin the transition.

It takes more than former officials to choose to take a step forward and be helpful to ensure a smooth transition of power, "Bedingfield said. "The GSA should obey the law and investigate election results so that Americans can have a smooth and effective handoff between governments. "

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