Saturday Night time Owls: Millionaire Kudlow praises earnings from the ruined economic system and ignores injury to individuals


Critics immediately noted that the millions of people in the US on the verge of financial ruin are likely to be unimpressed by the so-called "creative destruction" that Kudlow praised in June complained It was an exaggeration that the federal unemployment insurance, which many unemployed people received at the time, was $ 600 a week.

"I wonder how the 14% of households with children who say they haven't had enough to eat in the last seven days or the 32% of adults who have difficulty paying normal household expenses feel about it Feel storms of creative destruction, & # 39; " tweeted Washington Post Reporter Jacqueline Alemany, points out Data from the Center for Budgetary and Political Priorities.

Kudlow's comments came a day after the Labor Department reported an additional one 1.3 million Americans Requested unemployment benefits, another indication of Kudlow's strong economic recovery repeatedly predicted in the last few weeks does not come about. (…)





Folks, my laptop needs to be fixed. Imma is flying around the country and there is a computer guy who is visually impaired and cannot identify me. Then I'll leave it there and fly home. 🐮

– Devin Nunes & # 39; Cow @ (@DevinCow) October 17, 2020


At Daily Kos that day in 2008– CO-SEN: Schaffer alone now:

National Republicans decided that Bob Schaffer was a sinking ship, and you know what happens to the rats then.

Last week there were rumors that the NRSC was pulling out of Schaffer's campaign for the Colorado Senate seat, which was vacated by Wayne Allard. That speculation is confirmed today.

Mark Udall posted consistent voting results last month, probably one reason a cash-strapped NRSC decided to cut and defend other seats. It's not just the NRSC that's been put off. "Independent" 527s are too pull outI'm looking to Oregon and North Carolina to try and save a few Republican incumbents.


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