Schumer is investigating utilizing uncommon backup energy provides to carry the Senate again to the Trump impeachment course of

Under an obscure provision, Senate Democratic chairman Chuck Schumer can get the Senate back to Trump's impeachment early on.

The Washington Post reported:

In 2004, the Senate majority and minority leaders were given power to bring the Senate back into session in emergencies, and the senior Democratic adviser said Schumer was considering that option to allow for a possible impeachment trial against Trump immediately after he took office submits the articles to the Senate. The adjutant spoke about the development of the party strategy on condition of anonymity.

… ..

Both McConnell and Schumer would have to agree to reconvene the Senate and put pressure on the outgoing majority leader to confront Trump while the House is on an impeachment vote this week for the president's role in inciting the violent siege of the Capitol January 6th.

If McConnell refused to bring the Senate back into session, he would be seen as an aid and support to domestic terrorists. Conveneing the Senate would allow the upper chamber to potentially take action against Trump's impeachment proceedings without undermining the goals and agenda of the future Biden administration.

McConnell tried several times to warn Senate Republicans of the dire consequences of contesting the election. The consequences were worse than McConnell could have imagined. If McConnell doesn't want the Republican Party to be the domestic terrorism party, he has a choice.

He must stand with Chuck Schumer and bring the Senate back into session so that Donald Trump can be tried and possibly convicted of inciting a riot.

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