Schumer requires Trump's elimination and indicators a extra aggressive stance to the Democrats

After a poor Democratic performance in November, many progressives have braced themselves for more of that slight Democratic touch – a complete reversal of the centrist mindset that dominated the '90s and early Aughts. And of course, Congressional Democrats now face real challenges in both houses, with a one-vote lead in the Senate (where Democrats need 10 more votes to reach the 60 it takes to beat a filibuster) and only 222 Democrats in the lower chamber (where 218 votes are needed to pass laws). But you're not getting what you're not looking for, and for too long, Congress Democrats have been your worst enemy when it comes to negotiating themselves before they even got to the negotiating table.

That is why I noticed Schumer, ahead of last year's elections, sending several signals that the Democrats should act more aggressively than they did in the first two years of Barack Obama's presidency, when they had a majority in both chambers. In the months leading up to the election, Schumer rejected his longtime centrist personality, contemplated an FDR-style response to the nation's problems when the Democrats controlled government levers, and warned Republicans that "Nothing is off the table for next year "if you are looking for a replacement for the recently passed judge of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Schumer announces his strong support for the removal of Trump by any legal means following his betrayal of the country, suggesting that Schumer meant what he said last fall, which in turn said House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi added would suggest that their caucus should be promoted as much as possible in the early stages of Biden's presidency to pass progressive laws as soon as possible.

Leadership is important. Since Schumer made his strong call to remove Trump on Thursday morning, the momentum has grown exponentially. Spokesman Pelosi has joined the effort. Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has completed drafting articles on impeachment and democratic support for the Trump indictment or the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. These are the signs we want to see in the days immediately following the historic Democratic victories in two Georgia Senate runoffs. Keep it up, Democrats. Time to save the American company – this is not a dress rehearsal.


#BREAKING: Pelosi says time for Trump's 25th amendment to "seditious act" if Congress couldn't indict

– Manu Raju (@mkraju) January 7, 2021

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