Senate Democrats and Republicans have huge questions concerning the Republicans' plan for 2022

For McCarthy, the fact that Republicans voted both to keep MP Liz Cheney in the lead despite her vote against Donald Trump and to protect Greene's committees is great evidence of the unity the party will succeed in through 2022 will lead. "The most important thing at this conference was unity, ”he said after the five-hour meeting to argue about the political fate of the two women. "In two years we will win the majority."

Both Senate Democrats and Republicans believe McCarthy could be playing the wrong bet to keep the QAnon, the far-right, under the tent of the Republican establishment.

"Members of the House never like it when we judge them, but I think as a party we need to find out what we stand for," said Republican Senator John Thune. "I think, as I said, we have to be the party of ideas, guidelines and principles and stay away from members who deal with conspiracy theories."

"It's only going to get worse if we don't do something about it," an unnamed advisor to the Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell told the Washington Post. But McCarthy doesn't believe his caucus' direction is bad and is apparently getting worse. This time around, he didn't have to make a choice between Cheney and Greene and he seems to see this as a roadmap for the future.

The question is whether Democrats, faced with traditionally very difficult split times for a party with a first-term president, can get the right message to the voters. A democratic group is already placing advertisements with the words "The QAnon conspiracies sound wild. But the danger is real ”as they bind McCarthy on Greene's offensive statements, including her 9/11 rejection.

"You can do QAnon and you can do swing districts, but you can't do both," said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, chairman of the Democratic Campaigns Committee. However, his Republican counterpart, Rep. Tom Emmer, said: "This is the same QAnon playbook they tried in 2020 and they lost 15 seats. "

A few other things happened in the 2020 election, mind you. And it's not just QAnon. They are proud boys and other hate groups. It's the non-Q things that Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert and Donald Trump will do and say themselves by November 2022. QAnon is a simple acronym, but the full constellation of horrific things that shorthand encompasses is pretty amazing and not particularly popular with voters.

But it shouldn't be denied that Democrats need a message that goes beyond QAnon. Adopting a strong COVID-19 relief package, including an increase in the minimum wage, would be a great message. Another possibility would be to have vaccinations carried out competently and to get the country going again. Democratic politics is popular. Bring them every now and then for the next 20 months to hammer the contrast between these accomplishments and Republican efforts to block these popular guidelines and the Republican embrace of extremism. There should be enough material on the Republican side to work with – the priority is getting the material into position on the Democratic side.

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