Senate Republicans are working exhausting on excuses to acquit Trump regardless of the highly effective case in opposition to him

But despite all the time Trump spent on Wednesday showing how Trump convinced his supporters that the election was stolen and how he repeatedly urged them to appear on that date – a date that was chosen Because Congress was going to cement its loss in more time, an event it was desperately trying to block – and how he focused their anger specifically on Pence and how he asked them to march to the Capitol – the Senate Republicans are giving in spite of it all suggest that the case against Trump is simply a case.It's about people who helped Trump do something bad without having a connection with him. Of course, there are some very scary videos that show that they were in danger themselves, and that's a terrible thing, but these have nothing to do with Trump himself.

"The images are – first of all, they're real, they're not made, but they're put together to purposely add to the drama, ”said Senator Kevin Cramer. "I'm not going to give them that." But he clearly wanted to focus on these images of the attack because they enabled him to try all those carefully drawn connections to Trump in the memory hole.

"Senators, you know, are pretty analytical, just a matter of profession, ”he said. “So it doesn't affect how I see the president's guilt. It's on trial.” Yes, and there was evidence of it … but Cramer and most of the other Republicans don't want to talk about it, even though Senator John acknowledged Thune that the property managers "connect the dots".

Other Republicans plan to rely on their blatantly biased claim that they cannot even hold an impeachment trial against someone who is no longer in office. That way, they don't even have to consider the evidence – as Senator Mike Braun said, “If you think the process is flawed at all, I think it will be different, reaching a conclusion about the facts and the facts are deserved . "

Whether Republicans are afraid that Trump will physically send his violent supporters back after them, fear that they will be brought to the fore with Trump's support, or are just too partisan to ever take action against a member of their party, they tell us this again The evidence doesn't matter. Your party comes first. Donald Trump comes first.

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