So that you say you’re for all times proper? Yeah, I don't assume so

It's the strangest thing: the very same people who keep complaining about the "sanctity of the unborn" and the "right to life" seem to be the very ones who don't care about other Americans' lives during this pandemic.

For decades, pro-choice people have been beaten with heated, hypocritical rhetoric from the right-handed hordes of compulsory births, anti-choice, about the "rescue" of the "unborn". It didn't matter how patiently you explained to them that a fetus is not human, or that they really had absolutely nothing to do with imposing their religious views on others, or that they would most likely discover it by examining their belief systems, an abundance of patriarchal and misogynist conditioning lurks deep within. No, they would just toss their "heartfelt feelings" towards these unborn babies right in your face: "It's a child, not a choice," they would yell and walk away with a smug expression, convinced of their moral superiority.

In fact, that's why many, many Republicans vote the way they do: this is how they can pat themselves on the back if they respect human life, not like those godless democrats who kill babies. They are so much better and more decent people than us, aren't they?

If this pandemic has proven one thing beyond any doubt, these supposed "pro-lifers" are as hypocritical as humans can possibly be. So much so that if I ever hear another right-winger claiming to be "pro-life", I'll just tell him, "NO, YOU ARE NOT."

Anyone who was actually "pro-life" would not belong to a group of Americans who loudly and actively despise efforts to protect others from infection by this novel coronavirus. Anyone who actually cared an iota for lives would not attend a rally where others spit their breath and spit in all directions and cheer while a vicious idiot like Donald Trump (or any other Republican politician) gives them this social one Distancing and mask says -wearing are violations of your "freedom".

For these people, the only "freedom" they want is the freedom to put other people's lives at risk. This is not "pro-life" behavior. It is for death. It is said to others that "Your life is not important enough to me" to wear a mask. It says "I don't give a rat ass over your life." It means that you have so little regard for life that you don't care whether your behavior is taking someone to hospital or killing them.

This is pretty basic and has not gone unnoticed by pro-choice organizations. NARAL compiled a compendium of statements by Republican politicians who criticized protective measures against the pandemic and contrasted these statements with their gloomy proclamations of allegiance to the "life" of the "unborn". In the face of the pandemic, this compendium is nothing more than a technical manual on hypocrisy.

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, political leaders against the election have made it clear that they do not value people's lives. As NARAL has already documented, self-proclaimed "pro-life" politicians and experts have largely ignored the threat posed by the virus and have not worked towards solutions that could protect public health. Instead, they decided to use the crisis to attack access to abortion.

Against the recommendations of experts, these so-called "pro-life" politicians and experts have now criticized and rejected the stay-at-home order in states across the country. Your latest news on the COVID-19 crisis breaks down into six main topics:

● Prioritizing the economy over public safety

● Promotion / participation in anti-quarantine protests

● Attacks on social distancing orders

● Attacking health authorities

● Discourage / not wear PPE

● Dismissal of the COVID death fee

If these anti-electoral extremists really valued people's lives as they claim they do, they wouldn't tell them to put themselves in unsafe situations during a pandemic. There is nothing "pro-life" in deliberately endangering people's health and safety.

All of these politicians have one thing in common (other than being Republicans): None of them ever expected their "pro-life" claims to actually be tested. As it turned out, almost every one of them turned out to be angry hypocrites. If anything, they have proven that it is indeed the Democrats who are for life. We are the ones who are actually trying to save lives.

So the next time you meet that hypocritical Blowhard with his "pro-life" sensibility up his sleeve, ask him which political party you belong to. When they say "Republican" you can laugh in their faces and ask if they have any more lies to sell.

Because it is too stale to swallow more.

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