Ted Cruz is the figurehead of catastrophe capitalism, however it all the time has been

Ted Cruz isn't actually the Texas Mayor who told his constituents to stop calling him for help because, “Nobody owes you or your family anything; Nor is it the responsibility of the local government to assist you in difficult times like this! Sink or swim, the choice is yours! … Only the strong will survive and the week will end. “This mayor had to resign because of his words. All Ted Cruz did was demonstrate these statements through his actions.

Instead of staying to help the people who voted for him, Cruz left it to O’Rourke and AOC. Instead, he decided that a little beach massage and umbrella drinks were the appropriate response to a crisis. This means that upon his return to his home state, Cruz's reception at that point was about as warm as the average Texas aqueduct.

Even Cruz & # 39; "I was planning to stay over the weekend" undercuts his action significantly. His family fled to Mexico on Wednesday. What he meant was that he actually took a whole week off in the middle of a crisis that has become fatal for his state. And his only real excuse seems to be that he's worthless anyway. So why bother staying? In fact, Cruz's intrinsic lack of purpose was the main defense provided by his friends at Fox News, who snorted outraged Thursday that it wasn't like he was doing anything if Cruz stayed here.

As the Washington Post eloquently puts it:

“Nobody likes Ted Cruz. This was the place where Ted Cruz started earlier this week. Then he went to Cancun. He went to Cancun, where it is mostly sunny and in the low 80s, while many of its ice-blasted components were without heating or plumbing in the Yucatán Peninsula for a few days. "

To make it worse. This is also the Ted Cruz who voted against Hurricane Sandy relief. The Ted Cruz who mocked California for much less severe power outages by telling the state: "cannot even perform basic functions of civilization now. " And Ted Cruz, who not only announced his rejection of President Biden's COVID-19 Aid Act, but also voted against the last COVID-19 Aid Act. This is the Ted Cruz who doesn't think about paying a week at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun and buying plane tickets on a whim with no upfront discount, but believes Americans don't deserve a $ 2,000 relief check. That's a lot of luggage, even for a fancy piece of brand-new roll-on luggage.

And, oh yes, this would also be the same Ted Cruz who helped instigate, support, and defend a deadly insurrection that struck the halls of the Capitol on January 6th attempting to assassinate members of Congress. It's also the same Ted Cruz who spoke frankly and smugly with Donald Trump's legal team to offer them advice on how best to escape justice in the Senate.

Temperatures rose in Texas on Friday, and while hundreds of thousands are still purposely without power, the congested power grid is getting back to normal. Across the state, Texans are finding that their homeowner's insurance doesn't cover the damage caused by pipe bursts, even if it resulted in floors and ceilings collapsing.

And now Ted Cruz is back to his real job, which appears on Fox News to join in the endless lies that the problems in Texas are, in fact, all the fault of the Democrats, even though Republicans have been running the system for decades. That's because, as MSNBC host Chris Hayes noted, Cruz sees himself as "Rush Limbaugh with a Senate office." He's not there to do anything. He is not there to do anything for the people in his state. It only exists to make derogatory remarks and attack democracy.

On Friday, the Houston Chronicle summarized Cruz in an editorial as hot as the state was cold.

Take our advice, Senator, and step back. It seems like you may need a break, and we could too, from an ineffective politician who, even in crisis, puts his personal itinerary before the needs of Texans.

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