That is how Biden Obama-Trump can (sure, you learn that proper) win again undecided voters

Of course, COVID-19 and Trump's general incapacity are of the utmost importance to any type of voter, and Biden needs to be a leader on these issues as a whole. Still, there are other issues and issues that Democrats need to highlight as well when targeting these voters.

We know pretty much thanks via Obama-Trump voters survey Data i summarized in my last book. Most of them "expressed high levels of anger towards non-whites and foreigners" despite voting for the election of the first African American president. This may seem counterintuitive, but the data shows, for example, that a quarter of white voters who disapproved of interracial couples still voted twice for Obama – whose own parents were an interracial couple.

Reaching Obama-Trump voters in no way means accepting racial resentment or, worse, gambling. Barack Obama never did that. This would be a clear violation of our most basic progressive values. Even so, we can and should try to gain votes where we can while always remaining true to these values. We can do what Obama did so goodto get these voters to prioritize interests other than their perceived racist grievances. This is the opposite of what racial demagogues like Trump are doing.

We know, for example, that a decent section of Obama voters as a whole "expressed varying degrees of white resentment while taking predominantly liberal positions on issues such as taxes and the existence of climate change." These are the Obama-Trump voters most likely to vote for Joe Biden.

So did the Democratic voters Obama-Trump-2018 held highly advanced positions in healthcare, environment and gun control. However, they took a slightly less progressive stance on immigration – although a majority nonetheless supported the DACA, and there was little daylight between them and the Obama-Trump voters who became Republicans in 2018 – and were still less progressive on a border. as well as race and gender issues.

In a similar context, the chart below also shows those who voted for Obama in 2012 and then sit out in 2016 before returning to Democrats in 2018. Compared to the Obama-Trump-2018 Democrats, these voters look more like the democratic base. that is, those who voted for Obama and Hillary Clinton, especially in health care and the environment. It is worth noting that it supports two economic problems collected Almost universal support for all three groups: raising the minimum wage to $ 12 an hour (it doesn't seem like they asked for a higher level) and raising taxes on millionaires. These two issues do not appear in the graphic but were covered in the article from which they are taken.

Of course, Biden talked about health care, the minimum wage, the millionaire's taxes, and the climate. Now is the time for him to forcefully bring home the differences on these important issues between himself and the man who lost the referendum. The large number of early voters, especially among the Democrats, makes such an approach even more strategically valuable today than it was a few weeks ago.


Lots of talk about not reading too much in the early vote.

One reason * it's important * for a smart young D employee is that early banking means more time to expand the universe. "I've made the most of my constituencies, and now I have 14 days to speak to persuasion artists."

– Dave Catanese (@davecatanese) October 21, 2020

To all of the indecisive Obama-Trump voters reading this, I say this: Vice President Biden and Senator Harris will adopt economic policies to help middle and working class voters who are doing everything possible to make ends meet. The Democrats will make the richest – the richest of them have increased their wealth an obscene crowd during the pandemic – pay your fair share. In addition, a white house in Biden will raise the minimum wage so that a full-time job pays a living wage.

Trump's policies, on the other hand, fill the bottom line of millionaires and billionaires and do little to nothing for the vast majority of Americans. Because he doesn't want you to think about this fact when he is voting, he keeps spitting out lies to scare you of black and brown people.

The Democrats will build on Obamacare and make it more affordable and accessible. The Republicans want to destroy it and take us back in time when a condition already existed – like lung damage caused from COVID-19 – makes it virtually impossible to get health insurance. Joe Biden will fight to protect our environment, to keep it clean, safe, healthy and, in a word, worth living. In the meantime, large numbers of jobs will be created in the green industries of the future and workers will be looked after during the transition. The Orange Julius Caesar instead stands with polluters who don't care that their actions harm the health of the American people, let alone their own co-workers. Big picture: Trump and the Republicans will only fight for the front runners, while Biden and the Democrats will fight for any American. That is why you should vote democratically.

When addressing these Obama-Trump voters, Biden cannot ignore racism – either its prevalence in our society, in Trump's politics, or in its rhetoric – when addressing Obama-Trump or other indecisive / convincing voters who defy it ours may not be the most loving desires, sweeping progressives. In fact, these voters need to hear how race and economy intersect, especially when it comes to Trump's campaign message, because explaining this will only further convince them to vote democratically.

Prof. Ian Haney López has examined this topic in depth. His research – which included extensive surveys to test different messages – is set out in its most recent issue book Merging Left: Merge Race and Class, Win Elections and Save America. The book makes it clear exactly how to most effectively talk about race and economic issues. Since its publication, López continuation its job of creating a whole range of materials as part of it Race-Class Academywhich tries to explain "how we can jointly beat dog-whistle politics by building cross-race and cross-class solidarity". Here is the courage of his message:

Certain politicians use racist rhetoric to divide and distract themselves while manipulating the government and the economy for themselves and their big donors. They get richer, we get poorer – and government power is directed against color communities.

But we can fight back and win. Here is the most powerful movement-building message today:

If we come together to reject racism as a weapon of the rich, we can ensure that the government works for all of us, regardless of race or color.

A team led by López provided a series of 12 short videos that present the message of the racing class. The videos were made recently enough to incorporate COVID-19 and its effects. The first sentence examines how the business elites use racism as a class weapon. The next sentence shows how limited, standard progressive messages – such as the class-only racially blind approach and the "shouting racism" class blind approach – are not the most effective ways of fully supporting progressive candidates and guidelines. The third sentence explains in detail the message of the racing class. The final video shows that we now have the best opportunity in our history to create a sustainable multiracial alliance of voters – what López refers to as "solidarity between races and classes" – to not only include Trump and the business elites he serves to defeat, but to create lasting change and achieve both racial and economic justice. The videos together last 25 minutes and I recommend that you watch them all.

López tested the racial class message against the other progressive messages mentioned above as well as the racial fear message used by people like Trump who practice dog whistle politics. The message of the racial class turned out to be the most attractive not only to whites, but also to Latino and black voters. Last in one New York Times Prof. López, who focused on how to win over Latino voters argued::

Since Mr. Biden is doing his own pitch, he should see Hispanics not as monoliths, but as America in the microcosm. Some Latinos see themselves as white, others as colored, and still others minimize the importance of race in their lives. Typically, this diversity among Hispanics – and in the multicultural democratic coalition in general – is seen as a major challenge for democratic strategists. However, our research suggests that there is a way to build a common cause that speaks convincingly across the spectrum of classes and races. By pointing out Mr. Trump's strategic efforts to fuel the split, Mr. Biden can better assert that our best future depends on the merger.

Biden brought the case just under a month ago in Manitowoc, Wisconsin specifically addressed Obama-Trump voters. He admitted that "a great many people in this county" voted for the Obama-Biden ticket and in 2016 for Trump. Biden continued, “I know a lot of you have been frustrated. You were angry. They believed they were not seen, represented, or heard. I get it. It has to change. And I promise you it will change with me. You will be seen, heard and respected by me. This campaign is not just about winning votes, it is about restoring the basic dignity in this country that every worker deserves. "

Elsewhere in the speech, Biden contrasted his support for raising the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, as well as plans to tax the rich, health care and more: "Trump's tax cut for the rich is billions of dollars cost per year and whose skin is it coming out? It comes from your skin. The simple truth is that Donald Trump ran for office and said he would represent the forgotten man and women in this country. And when he was in office, he forgot us. Not only did he forget about her, the truth is he never really respected us very much. "

These are powerful words and important feelings. Biden and Democrats have to to keep on highlighting their stark differences from Trump and the Republicans in terms of these types of economic and public health issues, to determine exactly who each candidate and party really cares about. As the former Vice President has repeatedly stated, this is a campaign in which one side represents Scranton and the other represents Park Avenue. Biden also needs to highlight how Trump and his husband use racist dog whistles to racially segregate middle and working class voters – and divert them from the reality that his real interest is in helping those at the top .

In this way, we are getting these Obama-Trump voters and other undecided voters – as well as the Latino voters that we must overwhelmingly win over – in the Democratic column and ending the most destructive presidency in our country's history.

Ian Reifowitz is the author of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's racial rhetoric about the Obama presidency paved the way for Trump (Foreword by Markos Moulitsas)

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