That one Republican affidavit says a lot in regards to the sorry state of Republicans at this time

A Republican election observer found it suspicious that Joe Biden would receive military votes. The affidavit states, “I found it strange that I counted a few dozen military votes during the day / night. While I can't provide specific numbers or names, I can estimate that at least 80% of the military votes I saw were straight-ticket Democrats or simply had Joe Biden's name on it. I had always been told that the military personnel were rather conservative, and I noticed that as the day went on. "

Oh, that's so juicy.

1. No allegations of fraud.

Just like the entire pile of affidavits, this is not a charge of fraud. It's an assertion of … really nothing. He watched the ballot papers being counted. The only crime that has been committed here is that he did not like the results.

2. The conservative media bubble makes you stupid.

This is the problem of being trapped in the right media bubble – you are not facing reality. The fact is that the members of the simple service are disproportionately black and brown. They have a lower socio-economic background. And as you'd expect, blacks and Latinos are more liberal, while poor (heavily southern) whites are more conservative. This is not rocket science. When I served in the army, the white boys had Confederate flags in their barracks, Black and Latinos didn't. So if you're watching ballots in Detroit from local military personnel serving outside of the state, it makes sense that those ballots reflect the rest of Detroit – likely heavily black and heavily Democratic.

Not to mention, we had a president who not only disregarded Senator John McCain, a war hero, but also referred to service members who died in the war as "fools" and "losers." It's likely that a Military Times poll of our troops found Joe Biden leading 41-37, with 50% of them having an unfavorable view of Trump.

The problem with living in the right media bubble is that it really makes you stupid.

3. Republicans strive for volume over substance

It is one thing for an ignorant Republican election observer to puzzle over the results of military votes. It's another thing for Republican attorneys to write it down and then make it public. It is clear that this is not a serious effort to describe misconduct in detail. They'll just say, "WE HAVE RELEASED FALSE 234 PAGES!" to get people to think Trump was robbed. David Weigel of the Washington Post, who spoke to us on our weekly web show The Brief, explained this strategy: get a lot of media attention by making allegations and filing frivolous lawsuits, and expect the media (including their right-wing branches) ignore the stories of judges or other information and analysis that reject these claims.

This affidavit showed us three important things in this post-election period: That Republicans stay securely anchored in their media bubble, that they misinform themselves, that they feed this media bubble with bullshit allegations and accusations, and that they fully expect that any exposure is ignored. and for all that, they still can't find a scam to point out, anything that could turn over the tens of thousands of votes they would need to change the election result.

And for what purpose? To this end:

As long as the deplorable MAGAs believe the elections can be turned, Donald Trump can keep his grip alive, and Republicans have no interest in putting democracy's interests before Trump's ego and bank account. And if they play their cards right, they may be able to pocket a coup.

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