The Arizona mob making an attempt to cease the depend included some acquainted unlucky faces


The armed pro-Trump protester gave his first name as Rich at the age of 30. He told me that he was not a member of any armed group. "Biden wants to tax our guns like the AR-15 I have on me right now," he said

– Simon Romero (@viaSimonRomero) November 5, 2020

Reporters were threatened by participants chanting "Fox News Sucks" throughout the evening, and many reporters were accompanied by the Maricopa Sheriff's MPs.


My photographer and I left after a protester threatened us and said he would find where we live. We're filing a police report.

– Kim Powell (@KimPowellTV) November 5, 2020

So who were these people who showed up with guns and kevlar vests and demanded that the count stop?

First of all, Rep. Paul Gosar, one of the absolute worst members of Congress. Gosar is fond of spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about George Soros and is so abused by his own family that six of his siblings filmed ads asking the public not to vote for their brother. They even published an open letter in their local newspaper saying the same thing and saying that if their parents were still alive they would have been ashamed of Gosar.

Gosar used his Twitter account to encourage the mob to show up.

Right next to Gosar was Mike Cernovich, a "men's rights activist" who appeared frequently with Alex Jones on InfoWars. Cernovich was key to spreading the Pizzagate scam in 2016, which falsely and ridiculously claimed that well-known Democrats were involved in a child trafficking ring.

Nice couple, right? But wait. There is more. ABC 15 reporter Nicole Valdes was on site all evening and shared another familiar face in the group photo below.

The front center with the long dark hair and big megaphone is Jennifer Harrison of Arizona Patriot, an obnoxious group of anti-immigration bullies who have molested Democrats and organizations that help immigrants. In 2019, she walked into Phoenix Democratic headquarters and dropped two garbage bags that she claimed were "donations". You can also remember that very viral moment when she was literally laughed out of a city council meeting.

Jennifer Harrison from AZ Patriot

Harrison is also known to film and harass immigrants and Church employees who provide services to immigrants.

Harrison was officially charged with identity theft in October, and you will likely laugh when you read why. From AZ Central:

Harrison is charged with using hotel points that belonged to her former in-laws, using her email address to access her cell phone service account, and forging a press pass to access an event at Grand Canyon University at the Donald Trump Jr. speaker was paperwork filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court.

She has a hearing this month. Dead and pears, honey.

That's just a glimpse of the fine people who are on the front lines fighting to stop the vote. Or count the votes, depending on the state and whether Donald Trump has a head start.

At least we can be grateful that former sheriff Joe Arpiao was not present in any official capacity. You can thank the same organizers who evicted him for holding the democratic vote in Arizona. We all owe them something and have to assert ourselves in order to further expand the coalition they have built.

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